A Malaysia Airports worker has died after his vehicle was hit by a landing plane – here’s what we know

The pilot claims air traffic controller gave him landing clearance.
Facebook / Berjaya Air

An airport worker at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang has died after the engineering vehicle he was in was hit by a landing plane.

Mohd Ruzaimi Iskandar Ahmad Razali, 39, died at 6.45pm on Tuesday (March 19), after two days of intensive medical care, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) said in a news statement.

According to MAHB, the accident occurred at 3:20am on Monday (March 18). Mohd Ruzaimi was working on the runway at the time, a media release by MAHB said.

Malaysia Airports said that the Airport Fire and Rescue Service team arrived at the scene at 3.21am.

The passengers and cabin crew of the aircraft were not harmed in the incident.

  1. Pilot claims air traffic controller gave landing clearance

Captain Muhammad Fauwaz Zamzam, the pilot of the Bombardier Challenger 300, has claimed that the plane was cleared to land by the air traffic controller, The Star reported. He also reportedly said that no notice was issued for maintenance work.

The pilot, who has 7,000 hours of flying experience, was quoted as saying: “Seconds after the plane touched down, as it was rolling on the tarmac, it hit into something. There was a jerk, a light bang as the plane swerved a bit, but I managed to steer the aircraft.”

In a statement published by The Sun Daily, Berjaya Air said: “Landing clearance was requested by the pilot and the Tower at Subang Airport gave the clearance to land.”

“There were no beacons or warning lights to alert the crew that there was the presence of maintenance workers or other obstructions on the runway,”it added.

  1. Vincent Tan blames airport authorities for negligence.

In an article published by New Straits Times on Thursday (March 21), Berjaya Group founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan put the blame on airport authorities for negligence resulting in the death of Mohd Ruzaimi.

He reportedly said: “The fault for this incident must lie with the airport authorities.”

“They should have given adequate advance warning to inbound aircraft that maintenance work was being carried out on the runway or close the airport altogether. No such warning was given and in my view the airport authority was negligent,” Tan also added.

  1. Malaysia Airlines urges public to refrain from speculation

On Thursday, Malaysia Airports released a media statement saying: “We wish to reiterate that investigations are currently still ongoing by the Air Accident Investigation Bureau under the Ministry of Transport as well as the Royal Malaysia Police.”

“Any conclusions at this stage is (sic) premature and we urge the media and public to refrain from making any speculation until the investigations are fully completed by the authorities,” they added.

  1. Mohd Ruzaimi leaves behind wife and four children

According to New Straits Times, Mohd Ruzaimi had a wife and four children, aged one to 13.

In a statement, Tan said he would be making a personal donation of RM50,000 (US$12,345) to Ruzaimi’s widow, to ease any financial hardship, The Sun Daily reported.

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