Malaysian couple found dead and stuffed in luggage bags – here’s what we know so far

Kedah woman Tan Siew Mee, 52, and her husband Lim Ah Kee @Lim Kok Hoe, from Penang, were found dead and their bodies stuffed in suitcases.

Malaysian police have found the body of a 79-year-old man stuffed in a luggage bag in a drain at Alam Megah, just days after his wife’s body was also found in a similar bag dumped in Jalan Persiaran Kuala Selangor.

On Friday (August 30), The Star reported that the couple had been identified as Lim Ah Kee @Lim Kok Hoe, from Penang, and Kedah woman Tan Siew Mee, 52.

Here’s what we know about the case so far.

The suspects

Two suspects, who were arrested after the discovery of Tan’s body on Monday, had led police to the area where Lim’s body was found, a report by The Star said.

The foreigners are believed to have been tenants in Lim’s house, The Star reported, citing Shah Alam district Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Baharudin Mat Taib.

Baharudin added that the suspects had confessed to assaulting the couple.

The discovery

A New Straits Times (NST) article said that Tan, who was a restaurant manager at a shopping centre in Subang Jaya, was found by two telecommunications company technicians at 5:30am on Monday. Her body was identified based on a fingerprint scan, NST reported.

NST also reported Baharudin as saying that she was stabbed 13 times on her chest and stomach. There were also slash wounds found on her neck, the report said.

According to The Star, Tan’s cause of death was established as “multiple stab wounds to the abdomen”, according to the police.

Missing since Friday

A friend of Tan’s had filed a police report just the day before she was found, after the couple became uncontactable since last Friday.

She had been dead for more than 72 hours when her body was found, The Star reported. Police had at the time ruled out robbery as Tan’s valuables were left on her.

It is unclear how long the couple were married, but NST reports that they did not have any children.

Lim was known by some as William, while Tan went by the name Emilly.

Police are still looking for the weapons used in the attack, The Star reported.

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