A Malaysian photographer turned Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang into a dystopian city of the future

The beautiful pictures, which feature Bukit Bintang, were taken by Chris Fowler who shared them to Facebook on Thursday (June 6).
Facebook / Chris Fowler

A Malaysian photographer just brought scenes from the hugely popular sci-fi movie “Blade Runner” to life, but instead of Los Angeles, the dystopian city is now set in Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang district.

The 1982 movie – which was set in 2019 – is known for its creation of a cyberpunk dystopian city covered in neon lights.

Ever since photographer Chris Fowler, who hails from Miri, Sarawak, shared his artwork on Facebook on Thursday (June 6), many netizens have praised his mysterious depiction of the popular shopping district.

An avid fan of cyberpunk themes, the 27-year-old told Business Insider that he was inspired to take the series of photos by his observations of the Bukit Bintang area.

“I decided I wanted depict Bukit Bintang as if it was straight out of the movie Blade Runner,” Fowler said, adding that the Harrison Ford film was one of his favourite movies.

And his plan worked. At first glance, one would not immediately think that these photos were taken in present day Bukit Bintang.

His Facebook album – titled “Cyberpunk Bukit Bintang” – has been shared over 630 times.

Here are some of the photos Fowler took of Bukit Bintang in the Blade Runner style:

Facebook / Chris Fowler

Facebook / Chris Fowler

Facebook / Chris Fowler

Facebook / Chris Fowler

Facebook / Chris Fowler

Fowler told Business Insider that all of the pictures were taken within four hours on the same day. The rain had also helped to set the mood of the shots, he added.

“I did however get my sneakers wet, as well as my equipment,” Fowler said.

He edited the pictures using Adobe Lightroom and used Adobe Photoshop for the finishing touches.

While he has been working as a full-time photographer and videographer for over two years, Fowler has been practicing the art of photography for over 10 years.

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