A man bit into an iPhone battery to test its authenticity – and it blew up in his face

A man in China bit on an iPhone battery causing it to explode

Biting on pure gold may be a common good test to check on its authenticity (although probably not the best) but it looks like a man in China decided to take the “bite test” a step further, by trying it out on an iPhone battery.

And it blew up in his face. Literally.

Security camera footage captured the entire incident that took place last week (Jan 19) in a store in Nanjing City in Jiangsu Province, China.

He wasn’t seriously injured, but what was he thinking? Check out the now-viral CCTV camera footage for yourselves:


Some still aren’t sure if an exploding battery makes it authentic, or not:

Facebook/Kam Ghassemy

While others just thought it was a dumb test to do on a smartphone battery:

Facebook/Kaushik Talukdar

Facebook/Chris Hustings

Facebook/John Stengel

Some went as far as comparing it with the recent Tide pod challenge:

Facebook/Jazett Fortner

Facebook/Richard Leonard

Facebook/Chris Alfano