A man was filmed destroying a RM2 million luxury condo in KL out of anger – but developer Tropicana says he’s not the owner and will not negotiate with him

The man marks over 20 tiles in spray paint before moving on to mark the sofa and curtains with red paint as well.
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When reality doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s understandable to feel upset.

But one man took his displeasure to the next level.

A widely-shared video posted online recently shows a man damaging a luxury condominium unit by spray painting its tiles and using a sledgehammer to smash a table, among other things.

According to an official statement from property developer Tropicana Corporation Berhad, the man in the video is not the owner of the unit at The Residences in Kuala Lumpur, but a representative of the female buyer.

The apartment, which the man said he paid an estimated RM2 million (US$483,970) for, was shown in the video to have many defects.

In the video, the man complains about the unprofessional workmanship and cheap furniture in the apartment. He brings up problems with the sliding doors, several cracked marble tiles and even the absence of a curtain rod in the living room.

He also seemed to have orchestrated the video shooting, and gave instructions for what it should feature, and when filming should start and stop.

At one point, he marks over 20 tiles in spray paint, saying: “Almost every piece is cracked.” He then moves on to spray paint the sofa and curtains as well.

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He also mocks the apartment’s builders by sarcastically saying it was designed with “impeccable taste” and the “ultimate lifestyle” in mind.

The man then puts on gloves and goggles before picking up a chair and throwing it against the wall, and later turns his frustration back to the tiles by smashing a sledgehammer several times on the floor.

“The other buyers may not spot the defects, but I’m going to make this your new showroom,” the man said as he continued hitting the tiles with a sledgehammer.

The man also mentions several times in the video that: “I’m going to live here.”

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And just when things looked like they couldn’t get any worse, the man lifted up his sledgehammer once more, sending it crashing through a glass table in the dining room.

He can also be heard on the video saying that he would make it his life mission to ruin the developer’s reputation.

Tropicana refuses to engage with man

In a statement dated Monday (April 15), Tropicana clarified that the owner of the unit had actually taken vacant possession of her unit on March 23 and had only pointed out defects in the marble flooring at the time.

The owner then lodged a defect report to Tropicana about the flooring on April 1.

“Tropicana was ready to rectify these defects based on its standard operating procedure, and in accordance with the terms of agreement with the owner,” the developer said in the statement.

“The representative of the owner demanded for specific members of Tropicana staff, main contractor and consultants to be present for a meeting on April 10, 2019 in the owner’s unit,” it added.

According to Tropicana, the man made demands for monetary compensation, and threatened that he would make it his life’s mission to damage Tropicana’s reputation if they did not accede to his demands.

In its statement, Tropicana said: “Today, Tropicana is in this situation as the group refused to negotiate with such individual, who clearly has malicious intent towards the group. This is clearly a premeditated attempt to extort financial gains from the group.”

The developer added: “It was evident from the sledgehammer that the (man) brought prior to the scheduled meeting, this was a premeditated action and he had no intention to resolve the matter in hand.”

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