A mynah stowed away in an SIA business class cabin to London – and it’s now in the custody of British authorities

The bird was caught mid-flight by cabin crew and several passengers.
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Passengers on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight from Changi Airport to Heathrow Airport on Jan 7 might just have flown alongside the world’s most unusual seat mate – a wild bird that got into the aircraft and made the 14-hour flight with them to London.

A video making the rounds online shows the bird, believed to be a mynah, perched on the headrest of a seat in the business class cabin.

The bird then flies out of frame as a flight steward attempts to grab it.

An SIA spokesman confirmed to Business Insider that a bird had indeed “appeared” in the cabin of flight SQ322, and was caught by cabin crew with the assistance of several passengers.

This happened about 12 hours into the flight, the spokesman said. SIA did not comment on how the bird got into the plane unnoticed.

A previous report by The Straits Times quoted a Changi Airport Group rep as saying that birds are often looking for “food and shelter”, and that the airport tries to prevent them from flying near runways by covering dustbins and banning food and drink at the airside area.

SIA added that it had handed the captured bird to British authorities in charge of animal quarantine once the plane arrived in Heathrow.

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