After Mavcom lodges a police report against Tony Fernandes, AirAsia responds with claims that it has ‘evidence’ against the commission

AirAsia has hit back at Mavcom’s decision to lodge a police report against the airline.
Facebook/Tony Fernandes

Low-cost airline AirAsia has responded to the Malaysian Aviation Commission’s (Mavcom) police report against the group’s chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, with the company claiming it has “evidence”, reported The Star.

Earlier this week, CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes uploaded a video apologising for endorsing Najib Razak ahead of Malaysia’s general election, saying he had done so to appease the government at the time.

In the video, he accused Mavcom of telling him to “cancel” the additional flights the airline had arranged to allow more voters to return in time to cast their ballots in the General Election.

On Tuesday (May 15), Mavcom responded to these allegations, denying Fernandes’s claims and announcing it had lodged a police report against him.

AirAsia hit back by saying that Mavcom did issue the instructions to cancel flights and the claim can be backed up by evidence which includes direct communications between CEO of AirAsia Malaysia Riad Asmat and Mavcom executive chairman Jeneral (Rtd) Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad.

“We will divulge the evidences and facts to the appropriate authorities at the right time”, AirAsia said in the Malay Mail report.