AirAsia and Firefly flight attendants will get to keep the short skirts that Malaysian senators find ‘arousing’

The Malaysian government will not intervene in the uniform designs of two budget carriers deemed “too revealing” by senators.
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The Malaysian government has announced that no redesign is necessary for the supposedly “arousing” and “disrespectful” stewardess uniforms of Malaysian budget carriers AirAsia and Firefly.

The uniforms were criticised in parliament last December for failing to cover “sensitive areas”, according to senators who called for the aviation authority to change the rules after comparing the body hugging short skirts of local carrier uniforms with their pant-wearing American counterparts.

Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced last week that the government will not intervene in airlines’ uniform policies, so long as crew can adequately conduct emergency evacuations. He advised those who find the outfits revealing to “look away”.

How far airline operations should adhere to Muslim law has been a recent subject of debate in Malaysian parliament, with lawmakers pushing for the removal of alcohol on flights and for stewardesses to wear the hijab.

So far, the transport ministry has responded that these decisions are up to individual airlines, while the national flight attendant union said that such demands infringe on employee rights.