AirAsia names Riad Asmat CEO – here’s a look into the life of the 46-year-old replacing Aireen Omar

AirAsia’s new CEO Riad Asmat will begin his term on Jan 10, 2018.
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AirAsia has got a new CEO.

Riad Asmat, 46, will replace Aireen Omar, who has been promoted to deputy group CEO of digital, transformation and corporate services.

Currently director of corporate planning, strategy and business development at Naza Corp Holdings Sdn Bhd, Riad’s term with the low-cost carrier will start on Jan 10, 2018.

He will report directly to deputy group CEO (airlines) of AirAsia Bo Lingam.

As business leader, Riad’s got an impressive resume which includes being former CEO of Caterham F1 Team. But did you know that he keeps his personal life pretty fun and exciting as well?

Here’s what we know about AirAsia’s incoming chief so far:

1) He is the son of Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin

Riad Asmat is the son of Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, who previously served nine years as Secretary General at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, where he worked for 35 years.

2) Riad is active on social media

Instagram is not just for the millennials. Even though he is a dad of a college-going young adult, Riad is active on Instagram and Twitter, often sharing photos of himself at play outside of work hours.

3) He’s a family man

He might have a busy schedule, but social media reveals that Riad is also a doting husband and dad who spends lots of time with his loved ones.

He often poses for wefies with his three children and wife. Many of these posts also come with sweet messages dedicated to them.

4) He’s an artist!

The man can draw.

There aren’t many photos of his art on Instagram but the few that have been posted show he has a cool and dark sketch style.

You’ll find sketches of all kinds of animals from orcas to wolves on his account.

5) He cycles – a lot

There are many kinds of photos of Riad on his Instagram account, but the most common activity you will see him doing is cycling.

Judging by how many different poses he has next to bicycles, it’s obvious the fit dad’s favourite sport is officially cycling.

From time to time though, you will also find photos of him doing other kinds of sports such as skiing and surfing while he’s on holiday.

6) Like all Malaysians, he loves food

Apart from posing with bicycles and family members, Riad also has a lot of photos of food.

In fact, he takes great mouthwatering photos of Malaysia’s local delicacies.

Good to know AirAsia’s new CEO knows how to relax and have some fun.