An Indonesian man found this creepy looking moth in his home – and the Internet is freaking out

It is not surprising to encounter a moth or two at home, but what would you do if you found one with a bright orange abdomen and long, furry tentacles scurrying across your bedroom floor?

For most netizens, it seems the answer is to freak out and run for their lives.

An Indonesian man recently found such a moth in his home. But instead of running, he took a video of the strange-looking insect.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the man, whose house is located in Semarang, Central Java, uploaded the video on Facebook and captioned it with: “Just found a butterfly like this”.

Six days after it was initially uploaded on Oct 19, the post has already garnered close to 200,000 shares and 40,000 comments.

While most of the netizens who commented on the post chimed in to express their disgust, a large number of them also helped to identify the alien-looking creature as a creatonotos gangis.

According to a Wikipedia entry, the creatonotos gangis is a species of arctiine moth found in Southeast Asia and Australia.

The good news is that despite its unappealing appearance, it does not harm humans. reported that the hairy tentacles which extend from its body are called “coremata” which emit pheromones to attract mates.

So if you ever encounter a creatonotos gangis at home, you can relax. It’s not going to do anything to you – maybe except give you nightmares.