Andy Hui just admitted to cheating on Sammi Cheng, devastating supporters of ‘Hong Kong’s last fairytale’

Andy Hui at a press conference after reports of him cheating on his wife Sammi Cheng on April 16.
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One of Chinese entertainment’s most endearing real-life love stories is in crisis.

Well-known Hong Kong singer and actor Andy Hui tearfully admitted on Tuesday (April 16) night that he had cheated on his wife, Cantopop superstar Sammi Cheng.

Hui’s affair came to light when video footage taken from inside a taxi was leaked online and splashed across major tabloids on Tuesday.

In the video, Hui can be seen holding hands and placing his hand on the thigh of a woman, who was identified by Apple Daily Hong Kong as TVB actress Jacqueline Wong.

Wong, a former Miss Hong Kong first runner-up, also cozies up to Hui and kisses him several times in the video. The 30-year-old is believed to be in a relationship with fellow actor Kenneth Ma.

Another man was initially in the same cab as Hui and Wong, but left after Hui assured him that they would be heading to two different destinations. After the man left, both Hui and Wong told the driver to head to just one location.

Press conference

Addressing reporters at a press conference on Tuesday, 51-year-old Hui said he had done something that was “unforgivable”.

“I’ve come here today to take responsibility,” he said.

He also said that he had had a lot to drink on the night the video was taken, but said that being intoxicated was “absolutely not an excuse” for what happened.

“I regret it very much, and find it very hard to face myself and accept myself,” he added in between sobs.

Hui then announced that his career in entertainment would immediately be put on hiatus.

Sammi Cheng
The Straits Times

“My biggest mistake was losing myself,” Hui said, before again saying sorry to his loved ones and Cheng, his wife of almost five years.

“I hope everyone can give me time to find myself again,” he said, before ending the press conference with yet another apology.

Hui’s apology, which he later posted on his social media accounts, drew thousands of reactions and comments from netizens, most of whom berated him for his behaviour.

And while Cheng has remained silent on the issue, fans have left comments urging her to stay strong through the ordeal.

Cheng, 46, and Hui are one of the Chinese entertainment industry’s most watched couples.

The couple were linked romantically from as early as 1991, before they went public in 2001. They then broke up in 2004. As two of Cantopop’s biggest stars, many fans were left heartbroken by the split.

Later, in 2011, Hui announced that he and Cheng were officially dating again, much to fans’ delight. Famous comedian and friend Dayo Wong once described the couple as “Hong Kong’s last fairy tale”.

By late 2013, they were reportedly married in a private ceremony on Indonesia’s Bali island.