Anello just opened in Jewel Changi Airport: Here’s what you can bag from its first and only Singapore store

Anello unveiled its first and only brick-and-mortar store in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport on Tuesday (July 23).
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

If you’re one of those people who have already conquered the Shake Shack queues, visited the Pokemon Center, and posted pictures of the HSBC Rain Vortex on Instagram, maybe your next visit to Jewel could be for shopping instead.

One store you should at least make a pit stop at is anello, a well-known Japanese bag brand which unveiled its first and only brick-and-mortar store in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport on Tuesday (July 23).

During the launch, Takeshi Yoshida, the president of Carrot Company, said the brand had waited for over two years to set up a physical store in Singapore.

Now, anello’s first physical store in Singapore will feature a wide selection of backpack designs including its classics, bestsellers, and even limited edition collections previously available only at the Osaka flagship store.

You’ll now be able to find anello’s best-selling backpacks and try them on in store before purchase.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

In case you don’t have much time to shop around – or just don’t know which bag to go for  – we’ve rounded up the items you definitely need to keep an eye out for:

Expand series

The first collection to check out at the store is anello’s Expand series, which is exclusive only to boutiques. Of course, this means there’s only one place to get these bags in Singapore right now.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The backpacks – which come in two different designs – are made with a long-lasting level 4 water repellent nylon fabric, and comes with a water-stopping zipper that further protects the bag from liquids.

Inside, the backpacks have multiple pockets for you to organise your belongings.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

If you’re not looking for a backpack, the series also includes add-on accessories such as a multi-pouch and a 15-inch tablet and laptop sleeve, which will fit snugly into the backpack, if you decide to purchase both items.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The Expand series will be available at Jewel Changi from Aug 1 onwards.

Prices: S$35 (US$25.66) to S$139

Osaka Limited Editions

Also coming to anello’s Jewel store are limited edition backpacks which were only previously available at its flagship store in Osaka.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

These water-repellent backpacks and shoulder bags – which come in black, navy, beige, and lavender – are already available in stores.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Prices: S$80 to S$129

WPC collection

In the fourth quarter of this year, anello’s WPC collection, also only previously available at the Osaka flagship store, will be launched in Singapore.

The bags in this collection are made with highly water repellent polyester.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Launched in collaboration with WPC, a Japanese umbrella brand, the backpacks in this series come come in three bright colours: lime green, coral pink, and baby blue.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The print on the inner lining of the WPC backpacks are similar to the colour tones of the different backpacks too.

Don’t fancy the eye-catching colours? You can then opt to get the larger backpacks, which will come in black or navy blue.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Prices: S$119 to S$149

Spring-summer collection

Since it’s always hot in Singapore, anello’s spring-summer collection may just be a go-to choice for customers.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The backpacks in this collection have a chic look due to the tiny piercings on its matte leather surface. They will be available in two sizes, and a variety of six colours, including gold and ivory.

Prices: S$99 to S$109

Autumn-winter collection

Of course, Singapore’s hot weather is no reason to miss out on the autumn-winter collection which will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year.

Anello said this collection will feature bags and accessories that can complement frequent travel and daily living.

The seasonal theme of anello’s autumn-winter collection 2019 is “Exotic Journey”.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

No other details have been announced about this collection so far, but judging by its eye-catching designs, this new series may just be able to draw in a whole different crowd from anello’s spring-summer collection.

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