Another local “Muslim-only” launderette lands in hot water

Another “Muslim-only” launderette was found to be operating in Perlis, just after the Sultan of Johor deemed such practices to be “totally unacceptable” and “extremist in nature”.

Like the local launderette in Muar that drew flak for its controversial practices, the self-service outlet in Perlis was reported to have a sign that says “this laundry is dedicated for Muslim use only“, said the Star.

There was also a main signboard on the premises that reiterated the launderette’s “Islamic laundry concept”.

Wanting to stay out of the limelight, the owner of the launderette located along Jalan Kampung Bakau in Perlis told The Star that his policies were in place for the “comfort” of his Muslim patrons and that the issue should not be turned into a controversy.

He also encouraged non-Muslims to frequent other launderettes instead.

But the owner’s wish to remain off the radar was short lived.

Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, a vocal critic of the “Muslim-only” launderette in Muar, came down hard on the shop and made it clear that the state would not agree to any approach which segregated its people.

The Malay Mail Online reported that the state’s Titi Tinggi assemblyman from MCA Khaw Hock Kong paid a visit to the launderette in Perlis.

Seeing such policies in place worried him as they went against the country’s vision of moulding a society that is united, harmonious, moderate and tolerant.

He also believes that such segregation may cause non-Muslims to perceive Muslims as being narrow-minded.