You can finally delete Apple’s pre-installed apps from your iPhone

Goodbye, Stocks app.
Business Insider

After years of complaints, Apple has finally given iPhone owners the ability to delete its pre-installed apps.

That’s right: In iOS 10, a software update Apple released on Tuesday, you can finally remove apps like Stocks and Compass from your home screen.

There are two important things you should know about deleting stock apps in iOS 10:

Removing an Apple appin iOS 10 doesn’t actually delete it from your iPhone or iPad entirely; it just removes the icon from your home screen. The app’s contents are still technically stored on your device, and its icon will reappear once you re-install it from the App Store.Not all of Apple’s apps can be deleted from the home screen.For example, the icons for the Phone and Messages apps can’t be deleted.

Here’s the full list of Apple apps that can be removed from the home screen in iOS 10:

    Podcasts Maps Compass Tips Calculator Watch Voice Memos Contacts Stocks Weather Calendar Mail Music Reminders Videos FaceTime Notes iTunes Store