PRESENTING: Art Cashin’s annual Christmas poem featuring the Cubs, Bob Dylan, and Donald Trump

Legendary New York Stock Exchange floor trader and director of floor operations for UBS Art Cashin just sent out his annual Wall Street Christmas poem.

As always, he threw in some of the year’s financial highlights such as the Fed’s December rate hike.

But he also wove in a few of the year’s top sports and celebrity moments. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the president-elect.

In any case, it’s certainly worth the read as we head into the holidays.

‘Tis three days before Christmas and at each brokerage house The only thing stirring was the click of a mouse

Down on the Exchange the tape inches along Brokers bargained and traded as they hummed an old song

The Fed turned data dependent or so they would claim Yet they hiked in December though the data looked tame

The Cubs took the series the Broncos the Bowl And Villanova are champs with a last second goal

Cleveland won a title after fifty-two years As LeBron held the trophy it moved him to tears

Donald Trump got elected to the pollsters’ surprise Since that day in November we see stocks on the rise

Bob Dylan got a Nobel it doesn’t get any better He didn’t go pick it up he just sent them a letter

Samsung phones had some problems with combustion a woe While millions wandered widely playing Pokémon Go

Yet there’s still Cosby and Kim K they sure don’t bring us cheer But it’s Christmas time, Alice and Santa is near

So stop looking backwards have a cup of good cheer And kiss you a loved one raise your hopes for next year

And amidst all the trading Christmas themes we will heed And share our good fortune with families in need

And tomorrow they’ll pause as we wait on the bell To sing a tradition a song for old “Nell”

Don’t let this year’s problems impede Christmas cheer Resolve to be happy throughout the New Year

And resist ye Grinch feelings let joy never stop Put the bad at the bottom keep the good on the top

So count up your blessings along with your worth You’re still living here in the best place on earth

And think ye of wonders that light childrens’ eyes And hope Santa will bring you that Christmas surprise

So play ye a carol by Mario Lanza Unless you are waiting to celebrate Kwanzaa

Hanukkah’s coming But Ramadan’s gone Different folks, different holidays yet each spirit lives on

Whatever your feast is we hope you all still Find yourself just surrounded by folks of goodwill

Friday, as the bell rings hark to your heart’s call And as Santa would shout Merry Christmas to All!