Artistes snubbing Malaysia a win for Muslims and Malaysia: PAS

Riduan Mohd Noor welcomed a recent report saying that international artistes were snubbing Malaysia
Facebook/Ustaz Dr Riduan Mohamad Nor

As the new year unfolds, it looks like Malaysia has taken yet another step towards conservatism.

Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) central committee member Riduan Mohd Noor welcomed a recent report saying that international artistes – especially those known for suggestive lyrics or revealing clothing – were snubbing Malaysia to perform in neighbouring countries instead.

Writing in the PAS news portal HarakahDaily on Jan 14, he told Malaysians that they should be happy as they were being “spared” from “wild entertainment”, reported Malay Mail Online.

“If the excuse that religious conservatism is the reason why such sponsorships are falling, causing popular artistes to fail to hold concerts in Malaysia, then that is a success for Muslims here,” he added in his post.

He went on to equate the news with acknowledgement from concert sponsors that Malaysia is not a free and open country.

The Islamist PAS is no stranger to making such strong statements.

In 2016, PAS protested against popular American pop singer Selena Gomez and even urged Muslims to pray for her.

Last year, the party also objected to Malaysia holding its annual beer fest event which consequently, led to the cancellation of the event.

Yet not all Muslim Malaysians agree with the party and its sentiments.

Facebook post by Azhar Harun

And many non-Muslim Malaysians turned seriously sarcastic.

Facebook post by Simon Tan Sim Cheng

Facebook post by Eddy Ong

With artistes’ touring of Southeast Asia, Malaysia will not be the first choice for any act to tour,” added Darren Choy, chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia and managing director of Warner Music Malaysia.

“It may end up being the last to be considered, or not at all.”