At least 1 Malaysian was killed in the volcanic eruption on New Zealand’s White Island

Five people have been confirmed dead while more than 30 were injured during the eruption on December 9.
Michael Schade/Twiiter

At least one Malaysian is among those killed by a volcanic eruption at New Zealand’s White Island on Monday (Dec 9).

In an update posted to Facebook, the High Commission of Malaysia in Wellington, New Zealand, said that it had been informed on Tuesday morning that “at least one deceased is Malaysian”.

“Further details are being obtained as the investigation progress. We are working closely with the local authorities and will continue to update from time to time,” the commission said.

It added that the public should contact its office to provide information on any Malaysians known to be in the area.

It was earlier reported that there were Malaysians believed to be among those missing or injured.

As of Tuesday morning, five people were confirmed dead while eight were still missing. More than 30 people were reported to be injured with burns and other injuries.

The eruption of New Zealand’s most active volcano had sent ash, volcanic rock, and scalding steam more than 12,000 feet into the air and onto tourists on the island.

Citing a press conference held by police on Tuesday morning, The Guardian reported that the nationalities of those on the island at the time of the explosion are: two people from UK,  four tourists from Germany, 24 travellers from Australia, two from China, nine from the US, one from Malaysia, and five Kiwis.

According to an AP report, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that reconnaissance rescue flights over the island found “no signs of life at any point”.

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