At long last, Uber lets Singapore and Malaysia riders enter multiple stops

Uber has finally added the long awaited “plus” sign to its app for Singapore and Malaysia users.

Starting Friday (Aug 25), Uber riders be able to use the multiple destination feature in Singapore, Malaysia, EMEA, LATAM, APAC and India.

A maximum of three stops can be entered for each trip, so riders who wish to share a ride home with their friends no longer have to worry about Uber drivers refusing to make the extra stops.

These stops can be added or changed before or during the ride.

Uber’s Multiple Stops feature

Rival company Grab launched a similar feature in Singapore in May which allows users to add up to one extra stop per trip.

At the same time, Uber also added an update which will allow riders to contact drivers through the app. According to Uber’s Singapore blog, the messages sent to drivers will be read aloud to them.

The new chat function will also show if messages are delivered and read.

Instead of replying to messages, drivers can tap their phone screens to send a “thumbs up” to the rider to acknowledge the message has been heard.