3 of the most popular headphones from Audio-Technica are getting big discounts for Amazon Prime Day


Audiophiles, semi-audiophiles, and people simply looking for an affordable but powerful pair of headphones will most likely be happy to see the Audio-Technica line of headphones getting big discounts for Amazon Prime Day.

The ATH-M30x, ATH-M40x, and ATH-M50x will all be discounted – with the M40x getting the biggest price slash. This line of studio monitor headphones is aimed at producing accurate, clear sound, and are quite popular in the audiophile world for those on a budget. All three are closed-back headphones, meaning sound is generally kept in the headphones (other people won’t hear what you’re listening to), and sound will mostly be kept out of the headphones (they will block out noise around you).

The ATH-M30xs are the cheapest of the three on sale, and the fan-favorite M50xs are the most expensive, and are generally perceived as the highest-quality of the three.

Here are the links to the three sales:

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