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Here are 3 myths about the hospitality industry that experts are debunking

Is a artificial intelligence going to take over? Are women are restricted to certain job roles? Here's what experts think.

Woman fined for failing to declare branded goods worth about half a million dollars that were bought overseas

As her luggage bags were put through the X-ray scanner, the ICA officers detected several handbags.

Singaporeans only need to work 10.4 days to afford an iPhone XS, according to a study

According to a study, the iPhone XS is, in fact, not that expensive for the average Singaporean.

3 easier ways to buy the new iPhones without joining the insane overnight queue outside the Apple store

Instead of braving the sun and the rain and queuing up for nearly 24 hours, here are some alternatives to get the new iPhones.

Ministry of Manpower has named the agency that was selling maids on Carousell and suspended its license

The employment agency behind Carousell profile @maid.recruitment has been revealed.

Holidaymakers from Asia Pacific are searching for snow, according to a resort chain

Snow-loving holidaymakers are on the rise in Asia Pacific, according to Club Med.

One by one, Singaporean celebrities are revealing their PSLE scores in support of the #LifeBeyondGrades movement

Singapore is a paper-chasing society and many of us value grades over everything else, but this team of 5 hopes to change just that.