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Buying masks and thermometers from overseas? You now have to declare shipments – here’s how to do it

Last week, the Government also cracked down on sellers offering the masks at grossly inflated prices.

Universiti Malaya says volunteers agreed to help with Chinese quarantine – but students claim it was like working in a ‘concentration camp...

The Student Union is now demanding a public apology from the school and a guarantee that it will cover all medical costs if volunteers contract the virus.

Another Taiwanese boba brand is now in Singapore – here’s our review of JLD Dragon

The chain, which uses brown sugar from Japan and Taiwan in its popular brown sugar milk drink, is a major competitor to brands like Tiger Sugar and Xing Fu Tang.

Singapore spent S$10 million on dating apps last year – and most of it went to Tinder

Tiny Singapore spent way more on dating apps than larger countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

‘Ironic’: Netizens are criticising Mahathir for telling Trump to resign, saying he should also step down to ‘save Malaysia’

"If Trump decides not to do business with Malaysia in retaliation, who will save Malaysia then?"

After supermarket frenzy, Singapore and Malaysia are working to stop cross-border coronavirus cases

The high travel volume between both countries could lead to more cross-border cases.

One map shows where the coronavirus has spread in Singapore, the worst-hit country outside of China

The map carries an advisory informing visitors that there is no need to avoid places visited by suspected and confirmed cases.

‘Stop flights’: People worldwide are cancelling trips to Singapore, after news that the coronavirus has spread to locals

Spooked netizens have taken to social media to demand refunds for their trips to the city-state.