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BN did not ‘rob’ Malaysia of RM19.4 billion in GST money: here’s what really happened

But Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that he still considered the funds "lost" unless they were formally recovered.

Singaporeans worried that 5G radiation will be harmful to people’s health: IMDA consultation

In response to these concerns, IMDA said the ambient level of radio frequency radiation in Singapore was "very low".

‘Stop pretending to be stupid’: Finance Minister roasts MCA for claiming RM15 million 1MDB funds were legal

"No self-respecting country in the world would allow you to sanctify illegal money," he said.

Brown sugar milk tea is the unhealthiest bubble tea – and milk foam is the worst topping, Singapore hospital warns

Here's how to make your bubble tea healthier, according to Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Siti Hasmah turns 93: Here are her top 3 cutest moments as the PM’s wife

Who can forget when she held hands with Khan and Putin?

PHOTOS: The renovated arcade of Raffles Hotel is now open – and it’ll be home to Burger & Lobster’s flagship store

Both Anne-Sophie Pic, one of the world's top chefs, and Burger & Lobster will be opening at Raffles Hotel.

By 2050, Singapore and KL will have climates that have never been seen before, report warns

Over 20 per cent of the world's cities are expected to experience never-before-seen climate conditions in 2050, with the majority of these located in the tropics.

5 mistakes Singaporean men make when buying formal shoes, according to a men’s shoe expert

We hope you're not using the shoe polish left over from your NS days.

The Malaysian government is offering couples a free compatibility test to reduce the chance of divorce

The top reason for divorce? Misunderstandings between spouses.

Move over, Pokemon Go: Pokemon Explorer is here, and you can play it only at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

Just like in the newer versions of the Pokemon cartridge games, you'll get to pick a partner Pokémon to play with you.