‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is coming to Netflix – here’s what we know

Netflix teased an image of the concept art for the new series on Twitter.
Netflix Twitter

To the joy of “Avatar” fans (the cartoon, not the James Cameron film), a live-action version of the popular Nickelodeon show will start production next year.

The original series, which aired 13 years ago, charts the adventures of a young boy named Aang, who goes on a journey to master the elements of air, water, earth and fire.

He meets friends along the way, and eventually stops a tyrannical king from establishing an evil empire from waging war on surrounding nations.

Following Netflix’s Twitter announcement, here’s what we know about what’s going to happen with the new Avatar series:

It’s the second time Avatar’s been done live-action

The first was a 2010 M Night Shyamalan film, which turned out to be an absolute flop. Critics ripped it apart for its clunky narrative, awful dialogue and wooden acting. People hated the casting choices, with white lead actors and villains of colour – which didn’t align with the cartoon.

This version is backed by the original creators

While the show will be “reimagined”, the cartoon’s original creators, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, will be executive producers for the Netflix version, and they’ll run the series.

The creators also said the Netflix series will go “even deeper” into the characters and plot. There will also be a deeper look into the “Avatar” world and more action scenes.

The cast will be ethically diverse

DiMartino and Konietzko said they want the new show to be “culturally appropriate”, with a “non-whitewashed cast”.

It’s starting production in 2019

The first glimpses of what the show will look like come from a concept drawing by artist John Staub.

This drawing was posted on Konietzko’s blog in July, Polygon reported. The series creator said it was inspired from his own early concept drawings for the cartoon, which aired in 2005.

Production for the Netflix show though, starts in 2019.

Most fans are delighted by the news, though there’re still some mixed reactions on Twitter.