Bandung Mcflurry is coming to McDonald’s Singapore on June 27

Bandung is the latest star of McDonald’s Singapore’s Dessert Kiosks.
McDonald’s Singapore

Another Singapore favourite is getting a fresh McDonald’s makeover.

The nation’s beloved pink drink Bandung will from Thursday (June 27) come in the form of ice cream at the fast food chain’s outlets.

A Bandung Soft Serve Cone costs S$1, while a Twist Cone and ChocoCone will cost S$1.20 each.
McDonald’s Singapore

While McDonald’s previously remade the milky rose cordial drink by carbonating it and calling it the Bandung McFizz, the new iteration will be sold in a cone, Sundae (S$2) or a McFlurry (S$3).

According to McDonald’s, all Bandung soft-serve items are only available at its Dessert Kiosks while stocks last – so if you don’t want to miss out, you’ll have to act fast.

The McSpicy Deluxe will cost S$5.90 a-la-carte or S$8 in an Extra Value Meal.
McDonald’s Singapore

Another item joining the McDonald’s line-up on Thursday is the new limited-time McSpicy Deluxe, which comes with tomato jalapeno relish.

The McMuffin Stack sandwich is priced from S$S5.30, or S$6.50 in a Breakfast Extra Value Meal .
McDonald’s Singapore

On the breakfast menu, there will be a new McMuffin Stack comprisisng wholegrain muffins, two sausage patties, chicken bacon strips, a sunny-side up and melted cheddar cheese.

In addition, the Creamy Herb Chicken Pie and Kueh Salat Cake will also return at S$1.00 and S$5.20 respectively.