Drizly, Minibar, and Saucey all deliver alcohol from local liquor stores within an hour — here’s how they compare

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Drizly; Minibar; Saucey; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider
  • Drizly, Minibar, and Saucey are three of the most popular alcohol delivery services out there right now.
  • They partner with liquor stores in your area to bring you beer, wine, and spirits when you can’t or don’t want to leave your home.
  • We liked Drizly, which has the most nationwide reach, the best. See how all three compare when it comes to service, fees, and selection below.
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Nowadays, anything you want can be delivered to you, sometimes within the hour. Beer, wine, and spirits are no exception. If you can’t or don’t want to pop over to your local liquor store, delivery’s an easy and convenient way to get your drink of choice.

Since third-party delivery sites often take hefty sales commissions, which can cost local businesses extra money, we recommend calling your favorite liquor store directly first to see if they offer their own delivery.

Otherwise, services like Drizly, Minibar, and Saucey can do the job for you. They partner with liquor stores around you and make it easy to shop for and order the alcohol you want. Though their basic models are the same, these three popular sites differ in their delivery zones, extra fees, and online shopping experiences.

We tried all three to get a firsthand understanding of how they work and help you decide which one suits your needs. We found that Drizly offers the best overall experience, but Minibar and Saucey have their own features (and possibly lower prices depending on where you live) that make them strong options as well.

See how 3 popular alcohol delivery services compare below.

Where they deliver


Drizly serves the largest number of markets – more than 220. Find the full list of cities and states here.

Minibar comes in next, serving more than 90 markets. Find the full list of cities and states here.

Saucey is more limited, delivering to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, San Diego, San José, Sacramento, Oakland, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Dallas, and Washington DC.

Alcohol prices

Drizly; Minibar; Saucey; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

It’s hard to say definitively which service has the best prices because it all depends on your local store. For example, the price for 750 mL of Tito’s vodka in my area (Los Angeles County) is:

  • $19.99-$39.99 from three different stores on Drizly
  • $22.99 from one store on Minibar
  • $27.99 from one store on Saucey

If you want the best price, you might have to do your own work and cross-check all three websites. But you should also keep in mind that delivery fees and store minimums could change the total price.

Delivery fees and times

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Speaking of, here’s all the info you need about delivery and shipping. There are a few different ways you can order from these services. The first is on-demand delivery, where you should receive your drinks within an hour of placing your order. You can also schedule delivery for a future timeslot. Lastly, depending on the type of alcohol (e.g. wine) and the retailer, you may need to settle for shipping, which takes a few days.

In all cases, you must be present for delivery to prove you’re 21+ years old and to sign for your order.

There are tradeoffs when it comes to fees. For example, Drizly is the most widely available service but you’ll most likely have to pay $5 for delivery (which is still not a bad price). Meanwhile, Saucey is the most geographically limited, but delivery is always free.

Everything you can order

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All three services sell more than alcohol. You can also find happy hour accessories like soda, juice, and savory snacks, as well as supplies like cups and corkscrews. The extra options could save you a run to the store or a separate order from another app like Postmates.

Alcohol variety

Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

Whether you want a glass of wine to accompany dinner, cold beer to enjoy while lounging outside, or a spirit to concoct a complex cocktail, you can order it from these three services.

Again, stock will depend on your neighborhood retailer, but you should expect all the big brands and bar essentials, as well as more unique offerings such as craft brews, bottles from local distillers, and exclusive wines.

If you’re specifically interested in wine, we’d recommend Minibar because it has a special program called Vineyard Select. Minibar partners with premium vineyards in the country to offer exclusive, curated collections.

Online shopping and ordering experience


I found Drizly to have the most intuitive and organized shopping experience. If you’re browsing, rather than searching directly for what you want, you can filter by alcohol category, price, and store. The results page labels any active deals, best sellers, and staff picks, and also shows customer ratings. Once you’ve clicked through to the individual product page, you can choose your size, store, and delivery method.

The app, available for iOS and Android, is well-designed and easy to navigate. Whether you use the app or website, your past purchases will be shown at the top of the page, letting you reorder your favorites in seconds.

The customer service also impressed me. My Drizly order arrived a little after my desired time window, and I got an apology email the next day along with a promo code for $5 off or free delivery on my next order.

Minibar‘s site was also split into various categories and shoppable by many (if not too many) filters, but it felt more cluttered and overwhelming than Drizly’s approach. I did, however, appreciate that there was a “Quick Re-Order” feature in the corner of the homepage.

Saucey had a more simple interface, with short and sweet descriptions for all of its products and prominent labels for available deals. Product supply seemed inconsistent though, at least in my area. I checked the site pretty frequently, and beer, for example, wasn’t available at all some days, while other days there was a large selection. There was also a period of time when the checkout page would not display properly and I couldn’t place my order.

Special programs

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If you enjoy your experience, invite a friend to place an order, too. You’ll both get discounts from each of these services. Saucey is the only one that has a rewards program, should you become a frequent user.

The bottom line


Shop Drizly for:

  • Large selection of alcohol and store options
  • Easy shopping experience
  • Straightforward delivery fees

Shop Minibar for:

  • Reliable shipping
  • In-store pickup option
  • Exclusive wine program

Shop Saucey for:

  • Free delivery, always
  • A loyalty rewards program