The best caviar you can buy to ring in the New Year

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  • Nothing says luxury quite like caviar. It’s the perfect food for celebrations of all kinds, including ringing in the New Year.
  • We’ve rounded up the best caviar you can buy online to get the party started, including caviar from Marshallberg Farms, Olma, Tsar Nicoulai, and Marky’s.

There’s no better way to lavish everyone around you with love than a jar of prehistoric roe. If Poseidon ever came up with a more delectable ambrosia, he was surely selfish and chose not to grace the rest of us with it.

Flagrant status symbol though it may be, caviar, in all its decadence, has indeed been humbled throughout certain points in history.

Despite being the epitome of wealth and power for Kings and Caliphs alike, during the 1800s in the United States, it was served with free lunch in saloons, where we’re lucky to get peanuts or pretzels these days. Though the doling out of such a regality wasn’t completely tactless. Because it was so salty, it would enhance thirst, and, hopefully, encourage patrons to drink more.

Although you may not be able to get your hands on quite that much caviar, given the high price tag of the good stuff, at the very least, a judicious spoonful of the pearly little morsels of black gold is in high order.

Sterlet and Beluga, the crème de la crème de la mer, are no longer available in the United States due to an alarming decline of those particular sturgeon, but Ossetra, Sevruga, Paddlefish, and others will still more than suffice.

Just don’t forget the blinis, the creme fraiche, and, of course, the champagne.

Here is the best caviar you can buy online:

Read on in the slides below to learn more about our top picks.

The best American-made Russian caviar

Amazon/Marshallberg Farms

Why you’ll love it: Marshallberg Farms’ caviar is the only Ossetra Russian sturgeon caviar produced in the United States, and it’s delicious.

Ossetra is a medium-grain caviar often associated with a clean but nutty taste. It’s usually not as salty as other caviar, though that depends on the brine and how long they sit in it.

Marshallberg Farms is based in North Carolina, and the company guarantees that it does not mix roe from different fish to compose your tin of caviar. This might sound snooty, but the flavor of a given caviar, and the consistency, will get a little lost if it’s sourced from multiple fish, and blending roe is not preferred.

You can read more about Marshallberg Farms on its website and Roads and Kingdoms.

Shop Marshallberg Farms caviar on Amazon, starting at $142/30g

The best Kaluga caviar


Why you’ll love it: Olma’s Kaluga caviar is as close as you’ll get to Beluga caviar with its firm, juicy, creamy taste.

Kaluga, or river caviar, is as close as we can get to the illustrious Beluga, the king of caviar, but also the most endangered sturgeon.

The United States has had a ban in place on the import of Beluga caviar in an attempt to stem overharvesting. Kaluga, however, still comes pretty darn close.

Olma has been serving up caviar in New York City since 2001, and offers a direct line on the best of the best. You can even buy it on Amazon and get fast shipping straight to your door.

Shop Olma Caviar on Amazon, starting at $110/oz

The best Californian white sturgeon caviar


Why you’ll love it: Tsar Nicoulai uses buttery, smooth, clean, single-source eggs from California’s central valley to make its caviar.

Tsar Nicoulai has been supplying the United States with white sturgeon caviar from California for more than 30 years.

The company pushes sustainability while still maintaining high standards, making Tsar Nicoulai a boutique caviar house that sits at the intersection of decadence and morality. The company also puts out a marvelous, much more affordable salmon roe.

Shop Tsar Nicoulai at Williams-Sonoma, starting at $199.95/2 oz

The best paddlefish caviar


Why you’ll love it: Marky’s Paddlefish Caviar is a fraction of the cost of Osetra caviar, but it’s the cleanest and most delicious paddlefish caviar you can buy.

Caviar comes in all grades, but we don’t really find the bottom of the barrel to be worth buying, especially when tobiko, salmon, and trout are all good alternatives.

Marky’s wild-caught Paddlefish Caviar isn’t cheap by any means, but it is the least expensive choice in our guide and it’s also the cleanest paddlefish caviar we’ve tried.

Paddlefish is an American sturgeon that is associated with a slight muddy taste that puts many aficionados off. It’s faintly there, but with a bit of creme fraiche, a blini, and a glass of dry champagne, we’d be fooled.

Buy Marky’s wild-caught Paddlefish Caviar from Amazon, starting at $65.95/oz

The best blinis, creme fraiche, and champagne for your caviar


Why you’ll love it: Grab some of Marky’s Blinis, Ronnybrook’s creme fraiche, and ReserveBar’s champagne to go with your caviar.

No caviar party is complete without champagne, blinis, and creme fraiche.

Marky’s makes some of our favorite blinis. They’re made by hand according to a classic Russian recipe, and best of all, you can get them from Amazon with one-day delivery if you need them ASAP.

When it comes to the creme fraiche you’ll put atop your blini along with your caviar, it doesn’t get better than Ronnybrook’s.

To top it all off, grab your favorite champagne from ReserveBar so you don’t have to go out in the cold to pick up your bubbly.

Buy 36 Marky’s blinis on Amazon for $52.95

Buy Ronnybrook’s creme fraiche on Amazon Fresh for $3.57

Shop all champagne at ReserveBar