The 15 best doughnut shops in America, according to Foursquare

Foursquare/Lettuce D.

There’s no better way to start your day than with a fresh, delicious doughnut.

In honor of National Doughnut Day, an important holiday celebrated annually on June 3, we’ve teamed up with city-guide app Foursquare to find the top-rated doughnut shops across America.

Foursquare determined the rankings by taking into account the number of likes, saves, and other ratings on its app.

From Brooklyn to San Francisco, these sweet treats are sure to please.

15. Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop — San Francisco, CA

Foursquare/Jonathan S.

1621 Polk Street

This 24-hour doughnut shop is the perfect place to grab a fresh pastry before work or after a night out. The apple fritters are especially popular for splitting among friends.

If you’re up for the challenge, eat any one of Bob’s doughnuts in three minutes or less and win a T-shirt and Hall of Fame recognition. Any volunteers?

14. DISTRICT. Donuts. Sliders. Brew. — New Orleans, LA

Foursquare/Siyu P.

2209 Magazine Street

At this New Orleans shop, you can grab both a made-fresh-to-order slider and a sweet doughnut made from scratch. And yes, that does include the sprinkles.

13. Sugar Shack Donuts — Richmond, VA

Foursquare/Eunice H.

1001 North Lombardy Street

Check out the artistic beauty in these doughnuts. Every pastry is hand-rolled, hand-cut, and handcrafted at Sugar Shack.

Too pretty to eat? Nope. But definitely worth an Instagram post.

12. The Donut Man — Glendora, CA

Foursquare/Hanh N.

915 East Route 66

Stop by for a fresh fruit-stuffed doughnut at this 24-hour joint in Glendora, California. Strawberries are in season, and you can enjoy the fresh berries and flaky dough combo right now at The Donut Man.

11. Donut King — Minneola, FL

Foursquare/Tjay F.

208 South Highway 27

If you like bacon, you’re sure to enjoy Donut King’s maple and bacon-glazed doughnut. The place also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a convenient drive-thru option so that you can pick up doughnuts on the go.

10. Sublime Doughnuts — Atlanta, GA

Foursquare/Lara T.

535 10th Street

If you enjoy creme-and-fruit-filled confections, you’ll love Atlanta’s Sublime Doughnuts. They offer fresh strawberry and creme, raspberry-filled, and A-town creme doughnuts. You’ll leave feeling as stuffed as the doughnut you just consumed.

9. Firecakes — Chicago, IL


68 West Hubbard Street

These artistic doughnuts are so impressive that you won’t want to touch them with your hands. No worries, though – Firecakes has you covered, serving each pastry in a coffee-cup sleeve.

8. Round Rock Donuts — Round Rock, TX

Foursquare/Sara S.

106 West Liberty Street

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including the doughnuts. Their famous “Texas sized donut” sells for $6.99 a pop, but it’s basically like eating five lesser doughnuts.

7. Mojo Donuts — Pembroke Pines, FL


906 Pembroke Pines Boulevard

Like sour gummy worms, fruity cereal, or mini peanut-butter chips? Mojo Donuts has got you covered. Mojo also offers seasonal doughnuts featuring Peeps, pots of gold, and Florida snowmen (in the form of marshmallows) during their corresponding holidays.

6. Pip’s Original — Portland, OR

Foursquare/Chris L.

4759 NE Fremont Street

When in Portland, be sure to stop by Pip’s for mini doughnuts with unique flavors. They offer made-to-order treats in flavors like cinnamon and sugar, honey and sea salt, and Nutella andsea salt. The doughnuts make up for their small size with big flavors.

5. The Salty Donut — Miami, FL

Foursquare/Luis G.

29 NW 24th Street

This shop offers chef-made, small-batch craft doughnuts, complete with fresh ingredients made in-house. Be sure to check out their year-round flavors, including brown butter and salt, guava and cheese, and spiked doughnut holes.

4. Doughnut Plant — New York, NY

Foursquare/TJ C.

379 Grand Street

As the name suggests, this doughnut shop reflects a ‘”green” lifestyle and makes yeast-raised doughnuts. You can also find cake and jam-filled doughnuts in unique square shapes.

3. Bill’s Donut Shop — Centerville, OH

Foursquare/Michele C.

268 North Main Street

Bill’s has been around since 1960, so the shop has plenty of experience when it comes to crafting the perfect pastry. They’re especially known for their pretzel and twist doughnuts. Combine those with the shop’s hometown atmosphere, and you’ve got an Ohio staple for doughnut lovers of all ages.

2. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop — Brooklyn, NY

Foursquare/Tyson H.

727 Manhattan Avenue

When in Brooklyn, you’ve got to stop by this pastry shop offering filled éclairs, cinnamon buns, crullers, and crumb doughnuts. Their bestseller, however, is the red velvet doughnut. When it gets warm outside, the shop slices them open and fills them with cherry amaretto ice cream. Delicious.

1. Dough — Brooklyn, NY

Foursquare/Lucy L.

305 Franklin Avenue

Stop by Dough for a little taste of Latin American culture and tradition in your daily doughnut run. Tropical fruits andtraditional Latin American staples inspire the year-round Dough flavors, which include chocolate chipotle, tropical chile, passion fruit, and dulce de leche.