The best men’s rain boots

  • Wet feet are just no fun. With a great pair of rain boots, your feet will stay dry even during downpours.
  • The Hunter Original Short Rain Boots are the best ones you can buy because the classic design is backed by more than 160 years of water-resistant boot making experience.

Everyone needs a good pair of reliable rain boots to fend off water during downpours. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to the best men’s rain boots for any situation.

I have tested several pairs of rain boots over the years, including a pair that is so reliably waterproof I could stand in a stream all day without a drop touching my toes. I also have boots that you wouldn’t even think were water-resistant, because they look more fashionable than capable. Those stylish ones wouldn’t last long in a stream, but they’ve kept my feet dry during rainy days spent strolling New York City streets.

In our guide to the best rain boots for men, we include a variety of different rain boot styles, including a pair of rugged boots that can get wet and dirty, a pair of waterproof boots that look good with a nice pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, an all-rubber pair that you can count on for hours of water-resistance, and a sturdy pair of waterproof work boots.

Here are the best men’s rain boots:

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The best men’s rain boots overall


These classic Hunter Original Short Rain Boots boast a 100% rubber upper exterior that’s impervious to water.

British boot, umbrella, and outerwear brand Hunter has been making rain-resistant gear and apparel since 1856, and during those many decades, the company has mastered rain boot design. The rain boots have an exterior that’s fabricated entirely out of natural latex rubber, sturdy treads, and a comfortable footbed. That’s why our favorite men’s rain boots are the Hunter’s Original Short Rain Boots.

These classic rain boots are simple, stylish, and built to last for years of regular use. Whether you wear them strolling across the misty moors of England, the sodden sidewalks of Seattle, or anywhere else you want dry feet; these boots are the best you can buy.

Yes, these are rather expensive rain boots, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality and comfort. Their warm lining and supportive footbed keep your feet comfortable during hours of use and are made with quick-drying materials that absorb and sweat or other moisture that manages to get into these boots.

Also note that the word “short” in the boot’s name is a bit of a misnomer, as they rise well to mid calf, offering plenty of protection against puddles and splashes.

One buyer who reviewed his Hunters on Nordstrom’s website called them “comfortable and stylish” and praised their performance during “heavy rainy days,” while another buyer called them “classic, stylish, and high quality.”

A writer from Outdoor Gear Lab said the Hunter Original Short Rain Boots have a “sleek, classic look” that makes them an “attractive around-town rain boot.”

Pros: 100% waterproof, classic styling, tall upper, trusted brand name

Cons: Expensive

The best low-cost men’s rain boots


The Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Work Boots are tough enough for use around chemicals, fuel, fertilizer, and more, so they can definitely handle rain.

These high-rise, steel-toed boots from Servus by Honeywell cost about twenty bucks per pair, but they are so durable and so completely impervious to fluids that they outperform rain boots that cost four or five times more.

The Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Work Boots were designed for use by people working with dangerous or at least generally unpleasant materials, such as chemicals, biologically hazardous waste, paints or solvents, and so forth. So when the substance in question is dihydrogen monoxide, also known as H2O or water, your feet will be quite safe in these boots. And dry.

Your pocketbook won’t feel much lighter, either, because a pair of Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Work Boots costs less than $21.

Now, to be candid, these aren’t great looking boots. In fact, they’re not even good looking. They’re big, black rubber boots with heavy treads and no styling to speak of. But enjoying reliably dry feet for a great price is always in style, right? The heavy treads are also rated as safe against electric shocks, so you’ll have that going for you, too.

With more than 1,300 reviews posted on Amazon, these affordable boots have a solid 4.4-star rating. One owner says she is “totally pleased” with her Servus Comfort Technology boots, calling them “so comfortable for a rain boot.” Another calls them “very tough” and ideal for use doing dirty work during a 12-hour shift.

A write up from Best Walking Shoe Reviews called the Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Work Boots “heavy duty boots” that “laugh in the face of rain.”

Pros: Amazing low price, superlative waterproofing, steel toe protection

Cons: Not at all stylish

The best rain boots for extreme conditions


The Columbia Bugaboot Neo Tall Omni-Heat Boots combine the performance of a hiking boot with the waterproofing of a rain boot.

I own a lot of Columbia gear and apparel, from jackets to base layers to packs. If there’s one thing I know I can always count on when it comes to Columbia, it’s that their products will keep you warm and dry. When you’re miles away from home in a downpour, knowing you can rely on your gear is priceless. Fortunately, the Columbia Bugaboot Neo Tall Omni-Heat Boots aren’t all that pricey, because these boots definitely belong in the closet of anyone who does long distance walks in wet, rainy environments.

Whether you take a morning stroll through the neighborhood or down a country lane, a backwoods hike, or anything in between in these boots, they will keep your feet dry and steady on uneven ground. The tread pattern on these boots is similar to what you’d find on a pair of hiking boots, but the tall rubber upper part is rain boot through and through.

Inside the Columbia Bugaboot Neo Tall Omni-Heat Boots, you’ll find a lightweight, cushioned midsole that absorbs plenty of impact and a warm liner rated for use in temperatures well below freezing. These boots might not have any place on a fashion show’s runway, but out on wet fields, muddy trails, or very wet sidewalks, they’ll be right at home.

One buyer called his Columbia Bugaboot Neo Tall Omni-Heat Boots “very comfortable and warm,” while another reports that his family “bought three pairs,” resulting in “three very happy customers.” And on Amazon, the boots have a commendable 4.7-star average rating.

Pros: Excellent traction, tall waterproof upper, well-insulated and warm

Cons: Not fashionable

The best rain boots for work


The Wolverine Darco Waterproof Metatarsal Guard Work Boots will keep your feet dry even when it pours on your job site.

The Wolverine Darco Waterproof Metatarsal Guard Work Boots will keep your feet nice and dry when you’re on the job. The full-grain leather upper is reliably waterproof and it rises high enough to protect against rain as well as several inches of standing water. These are pricey boots, to be sure, but they look great and perform even better, and they keep your feet warm, dry, and safe even in challenging conditions.

The boots have a steel toe box that keeps your toes and upper foot protected, a sweat-wicking mesh lining, a supportive and cushioned insole, and a durable outsole that gives you decent traction and offers plenty of protection against loose nails, shards of glass, broken concrete, and much more.

I own several pairs of Wolverine boots, so you can take it from me: You get what you pay for with this footwear. And I don’t just mean that in terms of performance, but also in terms of style. If you chose to never wear these boots during a single day of work, instead reserving them for casual wear about town, you’d be readily forgiven. But truth be told, you’d be doing it wrong, because these boots were made for work.

One repeat Wolverine customer called these boots “so worth” the price, noting their “durable, comfortable design” and cool style. Another gentleman calls them some “of the most comfortable lace-ups [he has] ever owned.”

A video reviewer with Everyday Footwear called the Wolverine Darco Waterproof Metatarsal Guard Work Boot “a fantastic boot for any factory worker, foundry worker, brick layer,” and so on, thanks to the excellent protection they offer.

Pros: Excellent protection against injury, great ankle support, rather stylish design

Cons: Quite expensive

The best stylish rain boots for men


The Rockport Rugged Bucks Waterproof Ankle Boots don’t look anything like what you’d picture when you think of rain boots, but they’re rugged and waterproof.

A pair of Rockport Rugged Bucks Waterproof Ankle Boots wouldn’t look out of place beneath a pair of jeans, casual slacks, or work pants. They’re subtly stylish and suitable for use in an office with a casual dress code, while you shop or recreate, or during evenings out with friends. They’re also suitable for use when it’s pouring because these good-looking boots are also waterproof.

The durable leather upper of the Rockport Rugged Bucks Waterproof Ankle Boot provides excellent rain resistance, while the thick sole and multi-directional tread pattern offer you plenty of stability and support. As the shaft of the upper only rises five inches, you’re going to get wet feet if you step in a deep puddle, but barring that, these boots will keep you looking good and staying dry even in heavy rains, or as you trod through slush or snow or stroll over dewy fields.

Most buyers on Amazon give these shoes either 4 or 5 stars, though some people complain about their longevity.

Pros: Stylish, leather construction, waterproof, not too expensive

Cons: Not made for deep puddles

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