Meet Bombas, the cult-favorite sock startup that’s donated 25 million pairs to homeless shelters since launching in 2013

Bombas Facebook


Bombas Facebook

  • Cult-favorite sock startup Bombas was founded to address the fact that socks are the #1 most requested donation item in homeless shelters.
  • Its socks are the end result of two years of obsessive research and development.
  • They solve common annoyances with unique engineering: a honeycomb support system for more arch support, a blister tab on ankle socks, a Y-stitched heel, and “invisitoe” – (a hand-linked seam that eliminates the bump that otherwise runs across the toes of socks).
  • Every time you buy a pair of Bombas socks, the company gives a pair to someone in need.
  • To date, Bombas has donated nearly 25 million pairs of socks.

Socks are the Achilles heel of a wardrobe. When they malfunction (trap heat, slip down, give you nasty blisters) there are few irritants that can compete in killing your mood or performance faster. On the other hand, you’re not exactly inspired to compose sonnets in their honor when they perform correctly.

But when it comes to the basics, comfort is key. And if you’re shopping with comfort in mind, you’d do well to keep an eye out for the cult-favorite sock startup Bombas. We cover a lot of companies at Insider Picks, but this is one we keep coming back to for everything from gym socks to dress socks.

Founded in 2013 by David Heath and Randy Goldberg, Bombas socks are meant to solve two issues simultaneously: consumers not having socks that bridge the gap between cheap multi-packs and high-end niche technicals, and homeless shelters having a shortage of sock donations.

Coming to the sock market as complete outsiders, Heath and Goldberg approached the basic as regular consumers first, identifying their own pain points and then using their irregularly expansive resources to engineer solutions.

As a result, Bombas socks are undeniably “other” in the best way possible. Ankle socks have blister tabs; calf socks have a carefully balanced tension level, or “stay-up technology”; and no-shows use a combination of stay-put heel grips and contour seam construction to stay in place. The general collection benefits universally from similar updates. In order to provide more arch support, the company has replicated the strong natural structure of the honeycomb across the mid-foot to distribute pressure evenly. The Y-stitched heel creates a natural cupping around your heel instead of the straight stitch typically used. The footbed is reinforced but not overly thick to make them more supportive and longer-lasting.

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And for every pair of socks you purchase, Bombas donates another pair to someone in need. To date, the company is responsible for gifting nearly 25 million pairs of socks, all of which are specially designed to make the lives of the homeless at least a little bit more comfortable.

“We put as much thought and care into the production of the donation sock as well.” Goldberg told Business Insider. “In working with giving partners to engineer a sock that would specifically meet the needs of the homeless, we designed the sock to be darker to avoid less visible wear and tear, added an anti-microbial treatment to prevent the growth of odor and fungus since these socks are not washed as frequently, and added reinforced seams for great durability, ensuring a longer lifespan.”

Though a pair of Bombas socks will set you back further than a cheap multi-pack at Target will (ankle socks go for about $12), they’ll last you longer, feel better during that lifespan, and far exceed the rather dismal expectations you’ve set for socks up until now. If you’re sick of ending runs with irritation and chafing along the ankle, Bombas are worth the few extra bucks.

And if you don’t love them, the startup has the sort of bulletproof customer guarantee that has grown increasingly rare. As a part of standing next to their product 100%, Bombas upholds a “no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts” happiness guarantee. “If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you new socks. Whatever it takes.”

You can find a full range of Bombas socks from knee highs to dress socks in classic colors and adventurous colorways now for both men and women alike – each with the inventive thoughtfulness and attention to detail and comfort that have made them such a sensation online. If you’re looking for a way to instantly improve the comfort of everyday life almost unconsciously, you should take a chance on Bombas. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the company remains one of the best examples of a business with positive impact; you get the best socks you’ve ever worn for a price that won’t break the bank, and your purchase helps improve the lives of someone else at the most basic and necessary level. In other words, everybody wins.

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