Building muscle? This ice cream from Singapore contains more protein than a packet of soy milk

WOAH! protein ice cream currently comes in two flavours: chocolate and salted caramel, with each one containing 165 and 150 calories per serving respectively.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

If you love ice cream but are worried about its lack of nutritional benefits, there is now an additional option with the entrance of a new protein ice cream into Singapore.

Launched last Wednesday (July 3), WOAH! ice cream is said to contain 12 grammes of protein in each 100ml serving. According to the company, that’s more than a 250ml packet of factory-packaged soy milk, which usually contains around 10 grammes of protein.

The ice cream, which is sold at Nutrition Depot and selected Fairprice outlets, is also touted to contain just three grammes of sugar per serving – 25 per cent less than regular ice cream.

There are currently two flavours: chocolate and salted caramel, with each one containing 165 calories and 150 calories per 100ml serving respectively.

When I first heard of the protein ice cream, I expected it have an unnatural powdery texture that would stand out immediately. Surprisingly, the chocolate ice cream was smooth, rich and creamy.

I’d recommend it to first-time buyers of protein ice cream.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The same went for the salted caramel flavour, which tasted like candy, but not overbearingly so.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

High-protein ice cream, while not commonly seen in stores here, have in recent years become more popular with health-conscious consumers in overseas markets such as the US.

The ice cream’s high protein content is said to help repair body tissues and reduce the chances of muscle degeneration – all of which are beneficial to the elderly and patients recovering from surgery.

Edward Foo, the founder of WOAH! said in a statement that the ice cream started out as a homemade recipe for his mother who was suffering from acute myeloid leukemia in 2017.

Foo said that the “lack of appealing protein food choices” caused his mother to lose her appetite while she was undergoing chemotherapy. As a result, he wanted to create a food option that would be tasty, yet could also fulfill her dietary needs for recovery.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

In a statement, the company told Business Insider that they chose to make the ice cream with whey protein – defined by Healthline as a mixture of proteins isolated from the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production – instead of soy protein.

According to the Singapore company, whey protein not only has antioxidant effects, but also a higher concentration of amino acids used for muscle building compared to soy.

The ice cream – which is also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly – costs S$24 (US$17) a pint (473g).

The company added that each pint contains four to five grammes of a branched-chain amino acid known as L-Leucine, which stimulates the synthesis of protein and helps to build muscle mass.

Four other flavours of protein ice cream – strawberry, vanilla, cookies and cream and peanut butter – will likely be launched in the final quarter of this year.

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