Buy baby supplies from Johor? Fake milk powder found on store shelves after baby suffers severe vomiting

Boxes of fake milk powder seized from shops in Johor
TV 1 screengrab

This is the stuff parents’ nightmares are made of.

Malaysian authorities have seized a total of 210 boxes of fake infant milk formula from five stores in Johor Bahru city, Bernama has reported.

The boxes were being sold in drug stores and convenience stores when authorities conducted the raids on Dec 7.

Out of the five stores, three were selling fake milk formula worth a total of about RM42,000.

Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) Johor’s director Khairul Anwar Bachok told the media that producers of the original milk powder had filed complaints against the imitation items since August.

Photos and video footage of the press conference showed officers opening packets of milk powder bearing the “Enfalac A+” brand name.

Authorities opened packets of fake milk powder at a press conference
TV 1 screengrab

As the packaging used on the fake milk powder is strikingly similar to the original product, many Malaysian parents have reacted by voicing their concerns and outrage on social media.

According to KPDNKK, there has been at least one case of poisoning reported in relation to the fake milk powder. The affected baby had reportedly suffered from severe vomiting after consuming milk which turned out to be fake.

“The fake infant formula boxes were placed together with the original ones on the shelves and sold at the same price as the original ones at about RM200 each,” Khairul was quoted as saying.

One of the store’s operators claimed that he did not know the products were fake, he added.

According to KPDNKK, the invoice from the producers of the fake infant formula bore the name of a false company and address.

The authority says it plans to intensify raids in other districts to identify the fake producers.