Cheese tea chain made popular by Jay Chou’s music video coming to Singapore in Jan

According to its Facebook page, the outlet is currently hiring service staff.

Months after bubble tea chain Machi Machi became an overnight hit following its appearance in a music video by mandopop king Jay Chou, its popular cheese tea is making its way over to Singapore come 2020.

According to local food blog Daniel Food Diary, the chain – which is named after Chou’s wife’s pet dog – will open a store at 25 Arab Street in January.

Local singer JJ Lin and lead singer Ashin of Taiwanese band Mayday have been photographed having the brand’s drinks at various outlets.

Machi Machi opened its nearby Kuala Lumpur outlet earlier in November, with other stores in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, France, Australia, Canada and Sweden.

The Singapore store will offer the brand’s most famous drink, dubbed the “God of Cheese Tea”, which comprises tea topped with milk and a thick layer of torched cream cheese foam.

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Apart from the cheese tea, the menu boasts 18 other items, including photogenic lattes with panna cotta, tea with fresh fruit, and (of course) the classic milk tea with pearls.

According to its Facebook page, the outlet is currently hiring service staff – so you can even live out Chou’s MV in real life if you wish.

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