Chef Wan goes on social media to call out AirAsia for serving ‘disgusting’ sambal

Chef Wan criticised one of AirAsia’s sambal dishes in a series of Instagram posts.
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Airlines are not known to have the best food, but one particular item served by an airline has riled up celebrity chef Chef Wan.

Chef Wan, whose real name is Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, took issue with AirAsia’s sambal in a recent string of posts published on Instagram.

The Singapore-born Malaysian chef took to Instagram to lash out at the Malaysian low-cost airline for allegedly serving poor quality sambal tumis (stir-fried chilli paste) with nasi lemak at its Premium Lounge.

Sambal tumis is considered by many local food fans as a vital ingredient that can either make or break a serving of nasi lemak.

In his post last Saturday (Dec 29, 2018), Chef Wan shared an Instagram video – sent to him by one of his friends – showing AirAsia’s sambal dish which appears to have a watery consistency.


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A Chef friend of mine flew to Bangkok semlm for his vacation and sent me this sambal Tumis for the Nasi Lemak at the Air Asia Premium Lounge. He said ” I am so disgusted by this CW”. I replied..” Me too..If i were the head Chef there i would have kick the cook ass up there for good and never to enter my kitchen ever again. Ini lah yg selalu nya tukang2 masak yg tak ada hati berkerja, pemalas nak belajar menyediakan sambal tumis dgn baik dan betul dan akhirnya u get alot of unhappy customers and complain to any business out there. Indeed is disgusting. Jika ikut hati saya yg sakit dan garang jika tak kena hari nya trust me that cook might need to wear this sambal aja on him. Perhaps dah kena siram atas kepala itu baru mereka boleh belajar dan membuka biji mata itu sedikit. This kind of quality of Sambal is indeed an insult to any chef profession pun. Jika buat sambal mcm ni my late dad used to say didalam TUDM dah habis askar2 lambung kan tukang masak itu kedalam kawah dan di rebusnya hidup2! Please la to all young chefs out there jika nak masuk bidang ini do us a favour by having abit of dedication and passion. This kind of sambal quality is also an insult to our Malay cusine and heritage of our Nasi Lemak pun. U would only project the wrong image to the whole world of our Malaysian cusine by giving the guests this piece of shit not to mention hati passengers yg sakit. Di mana kah letak otak2 tukang masak yg boleh produced such bad quality sambal ini? In the first place even the Manager in charge at the premium lounge tu buta ke biji mata tak noticed semua ini and still served them? He need to be shot dead too!😂😂😂 Dulu MAS dgn Nasi Lemak Telanjang mereka pandai pulak Air Asia gelak kan mereka! Now 2 x 5 ! Habis la lepas ni viral lagi. Saya juga kena maki. Padahal kita cuba menperbetul kan mereka. Ini makanan Warisan dik pls go and learn to perfect them. U guys are National Carrier to this country. We need a good Image for Malaysia! I will sent Tony F a message after this! They need to get their act together! Nasi Lemak Air Asia tu pun sedap sambal dia dlm inflight tu! Ini kan at Premium lounge! Not acceptable at all!

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His post read: “If I were the head chef there, I would have kicked the cook’s ass up there for good and never to enter my kitchen ever again… (It) indeed is disgusting.”

The 60-year-old also said that this was an example of a chef who had no passion in coming out with quality dishes, and that the quality of AirAsia’s sambal is an insult to chefs, to the Malay cuisine, and to the heritage of nasi lemak.

Chef Wan then advised young chefs to instill some sense of pride in their work and show dedication and passion in serving good quality food.

He also took a swipe at the management for not exercising quality control.

“You guys are National Carrier to this country. We need a good Image for Malaysia!” said Chef Wan adding that he would take this up with AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes.

He then posted another video on Instagram of thicker-looking sambal paste sizzling in a wok, and wrote a lengthy caption telling viewers how to properly cook sambal tumis to accompany nasi lemak.

Chef Wan then threw more shade at AirAsia by uploading another video of a sambal prawn dish which he allegedly whipped up himself, describing it as “nice and thick”, and that it “does not look like the AirAsia premium nasi lemak sambal”.


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