Chinese man gains 10kg to help dad lose weight – and the photos of their transformation are incredible

Ding Guoliang helped his dad (above) lose 20kg in just six months.

A Chinese man who gained 10kg on purpose has helped his entire family get into shape, and the before and after photos are causing quite a stir online.

Ding Guoliang, who also goes by the name Jesse, reportedly gained weight as he wanted to accompany his 53-year-old dad on his weight loss journey.

Well, the 32-year-old photographer succeeded because his father, who had an excessive drinking problem, ended up shedding 20kg in six months.

And he didn’t forget to document their journey.

Photos of the father and son duo show their amazing half-year transformation.

In photos taken before they started exercising, both men carried around heavy bellies. But after getting into the habit of exercising, both can now show off six-pack abs.

Not only did the two men lose weight, they also managed to inspire both their wives to get fit as well.

According to China Daily the elder Ding had been unhappy due to the failure of a local factory, and spent his days at home reading novels.

Thanks to his son, his mental state has improved tremendously.

“He joined a local fast-walk organization and made many friends, afterwards I suggested him to try gym to get some muscle trainings and he seemed interested,” Ding was quoted as saying.