ClassPass is offering a one-month free trial for the New Year — here’s how it works

For the New Year, ClassPass is offering a free month-long trial.

For the New Year, ClassPass is offering a free month-long trial.

  • ClassPass is offering a free month-long trial to ring in the new year, which is double the length of their standard trial period offer.
  • New members can sign up for the month-long ClassPass trial any time from December 23 to the end of January.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to experience variety in your workout regimen and access to a diverse range of gym classes, then you’ve likely heard of ClassPass. For those who’ve either not heard of it or have yet to sign up, now is the perfect time to give it a try as ClassPass currently offers a free month-long trial for the new year.

What’s usually offered as a typical two-week, three class trial is now a month-long, six class introduction to the service’s base level subscription. If you’re in it just for the freebies, or can’t decide if you want to commit or not, ClassPass allows any new signee to cancel their membership whenever they please throughout the trial. If you don’t cancel, you will be automatically enrolled in a monthly membership upon the end of the trial.

What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a relatively inexpensive subscription that lets you drop into boutique fitness classes in your area without having to belong to those specific clubs. You pay a monthly ClassPass fee to get credits and you use those credits to sign up online for classes that pique your interest. Think boxing and yoga classes, cycling sessions, weight training routines, martial arts, and pilates, among so many others. ClassPass consistently gives you a wide variety of exercises and classes to choose from each week.

And since a budget-friendly option often means second-rate equipment or gym space, it’s nice to know ClassPass typically features popular studios, including a majority of the fitness classes you’ve heard of from word-of-mouth or have been meaning to try.

How does the ClassPass free trial work?

The ClassPass free month-long trial allows you to take up to six classes (depending on your location; some offer up to nine) over the course of the month and you can cancel your membership whenever. If you don’t cancel before the month trial ends, however, ClassPass auto-enrolls you in its base monthly membership.

What does a ClassPass membership entail?

  1. After your free trial, you pay a monthly membership fee that’s based on your city and how many classes you want to take each month. The lowest tier membership starts at $9, but you should expect to pay something closer to $39 (the rate in cities like Minneapolis) to $49 (the rate in New York City) per month for four to nine classes.Screen Shot 2019 11 04 at 6.26.53 PM

  2. A membership grants you access to use the ClassPass app or site to book yourself a spot in one of the thousands of participating fitness classes in your area. Every class requires a different credit value and you’re also able to book classes in advance or as soon as a few minutes before it begins via the app.
  3. ClassPass allows you to add credits anytime you like if you run empty during the month. If you don’t use your monthly allotment, up to 10 credits roll over each month.

Why do people like ClassPass?

The perks are plentiful. You could pay as much as 50% less every month for specialized fitness classes (a single class can cost $30 à la carte) and have access to a wider variety and convenience in your options.

ClassPass also provides class recommendations and reviews to let you see what’s good before you book a new class. You can even stream workouts from home if you’d rather not make the trip into a studio.

Plus, the versatility means working out can be more fun, which can help you build the habit. If you’re getting bored of rowing, you can switch it up with tai chi. And if you’re traveling, you can switch your account location and use ClassPass wherever you are (given you’re in one of the participating cities).

You also don’t have to buy class packs or commit to any membership that penalizes you for deciding in February you’re not going to be “really into” fitness in 2020. ClassPass is flexible and so, too, is the free month-long trial.

What are the potential cons of using ClassPass?

The risks you run, depending on the city, are popular classes booking up quickly, falling in love with a high-credit class, needing to buy more credits because you exercised too much (is this really a bad thing, though?), or paying for a month and never using the credits.

One option to consider if you end the month with plenty of unused credits is to use them on considerably higher credit spa treatments ClassPass offers. Otherwise, up to 10 credits roll over each month.

You can go to most studios an unlimited number of times per month (or per “cycle”), though it’s possible more credits will be charged if you go often, in which case you’ll see a message explaining the change. ClassPass also allows members to submit a recommendation for gyms not offered – there’s no guarantee they’ll add it, but it’s worth a shot.

The bottom line

Overall, ClassPass is ideal for relatively inexpensive access to a diverse range of top fitness classes. With a free month-long membership available for you to give it a go for yourself, you don’t have much to lose.

Sign up for your free month-long trial of ClassPass here