Controversial bogus dentist apologises for ‘unrepentant’ attitude

YouTube screengrab

A young woman who sparked furor by appearing unrepentant after being caught for offering illegal dental services has apologised for her behaviour.

Nur Farahanis Ezzaty Adli, 20, apologised to the Healthy Ministry and dentists “for her previous unrepentant attitude”, The Star reported on Oct 17.

The former vocational student, who was flamed online for an Instagram video in which she was seen thanking her critics for making her famous, also clarified that the video was taken at an earlier date, and not after her release from jail.

According to the report, she also explained that the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) and the Malaysian Islamic Economic Activist Organization (PPEM) had provided her with legal advice only.

It was previously said that some groups had raised funds to help pay her fine and secure her release.

Instead, she said that family members, relatives and friends had raised funds to help pay her fine.

Nur Farahanis was convicted of providing dental services without a valid license, after she lodged a police report against customers who allegedly failed to pay her.