Couple welcomes first kitten by posting parody ‘birth’ announcement photos on social media

Congratulations! Lucy Shultz and her partner are now proud cat parents.
Facebook/Lucy Shultz via Elizabeth Woods-Darby

It’s not uncommon to hear of couples who want to capture the moment of their child’s birth and what ensues after in all its stunning glory.

But what if you’re a new cat daddy and mommy and just welcomed your first feline into your lives? No one said such birth announcement photos are restricted to humans, right?

That’s exactly what American photographer Lucy Shultz and her partner did when they got a fellow photographer friend Elizabeth Woods-Darby to shoot a posed “birthing scene” with their tiny tabby.

In a Facebook post on Jan 13, Shultz posted more than 30 photographs, proudly announcing that her “first baby kitten” was already eating solid food even if it still doesn’t have a name.

“We are so in love,” she added.

The results were so spectacular that the cat ‘birth’ went viral amassing over 74,544 shares at the time of writing and even making the local TV news in Denver, Colorado.

In a feature, Shultz said that the photos were not made public when they were first posted, but as she got more feedback, she decided to go ahead and share it with everyone.

“It’s kind of shocking that it’s the biggest thing that’s happened to us, but there you go,” said Woods-Darby.