Courier company Pos Laju apologises after viral video of packages handled poorly emerged

Pos Laju has apologised after a video of its employees handling packages badly emerged.
Facebook/Pos Malaysia Berhad

Malaysian courier company Pos Laju has posted a video apology on Saturday (June 9) after it came under fire for an incident involving its employees handling packages poorly.

This was in reaction to a viral video, released about two weeks ago by Facebook user Arivom1000, showing employees of Pos Laju throwing packages into a container without any regard for the condition of the parcels.

Since then, the footage has racked up almost 8,000 views. Many social media users were incensed and Pos Laju responded with its own video.

The accompanying video (below) is an apology from the courier service, stating:

“In the spirit of this noble Ramadan, a thousand apologies for all the mistakes and shortcomings. We hope to be allowed to continue to give you the best service as customer satisfaction is a priority. Your trust is our obligation.”

In the video, GCEO of Pos Laju Al-Ishsal Ishak talks to the same employees that were caught committing the act, and reads out to them some of the comments made about them and Pos Laju.

Some of these comments include calling the employees “lazy” and “good-for-nothing”. There were also calls for the trio, all employed by Pos Laju for the past few years, to be sacked.

While counselling them, Mr Ishak states that the three are being recorded, with the help of some “hidden cameras”, to get a “genuine” and “impromptu” reaction from them.

At the end of the video, one of the trio explains that due to the surge of orders on the day the incident was recorded, they had no choice but to rush and take those measures to complete deliveries on time.

Another apologises on camera too, while advising other couriers to learn from the mistakes made.