NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth responds to Bill Simmons’ criticism with brutal burn about now-canceled show

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth took to Twitter on Monday to rip into Bill Simmons and his failed HBO show after Simmons mocked Collinsworth’s analysis of the New England Patriots during “Sunday Night Football.”

During Sunday night’s game, Simmons wrote on Twitter: “Somebody needs to gently break the news to Collinsworth that the Pats have a weak front 7 and that’s why Seattle’s o-line looks good.”

On Monday, Collinsworth responded by sarcastically suggesting that he would look forward to Simmons breaking that news on his “hit” show, “Any Given Wednesday,” which was recently canceled by HBO due to low ratings.

Collinsworth quickly deleted the tweet:

Twitter/Cris Collinsworth

Collinsworth is a usual target of Simmons, particularly on his podcast with regular guest Cousin Sal.

This time, it seemed he finally got tired of being the butt of the joke, and fired back with a shot of his own.