Darlie’s new teeth whitening ad was a fail – here’s why it made people panic

Darlie’s new toothpaste claimed to be so powerful it could remove spots from eggs.
Facebook/ DarlieSingapore

Shiny white teeth are one of mainstream society’s many ideal beauty standards. But what lengths would you go to in order to achieve them?

How about using a toothpaste that appears to corrode your teeth’s enamel?

That seems to be the message that Darlie Singapore was sending with their new ad, according to those concerned under its Facebook comments section.

On Sep 11, the toothpaste company posted an advertisement on Facebook, showing their latest toothpaste in action as it “attacks stubborn stains” on some quail eggs.

In the experiment, Darlie’s new All Shiny White Supreme Toothpaste was pitted against regular fluoride toothpaste and viewers were asked to imagine spots on the eggs as stains on teeth.

One area of the egg was brushed vigorously using the product, and after two minutes, the egg that was brushed with Darlie’s toothpaste appeared to have had its spots “significantly reduced” whereas the one brushed with regular toothpaste remained the same.

Seems too good to be true? Some certainly think so, and were concerned that side effects of the whitening might including thinning out protective outer layers of the teeth.

On Instagram, where the ad would appear sometimes as a sponsored video, more comments were left from people who were worried if the product was even safe to use.

Screenshot/ Instagram

In response, Darlie Singapore replied that all ingredients of the product has passed the EU Cosmetics Safety Assessment and is non-abrasive according to ISO standards, meaning the product is safe for use.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to the drawing board for this ad.