David Finch, illustrator for both Marvel and DC, details the long hours and what it’s like to be a top comic book artist

David Finch is a comic book artist.
Business Insider/Ethan Rakin

David Finch is an incredibly talented artist.

Don’t believe me? Finch has drawn for both comic book giants Marvel and DC, and has drawn iconic and wildly characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League.

Check out some of his work:

He’s drawn Batman.

He’s drawn the Justice League.

He’s even drawn Wonder Woman.

Though he’s now one of the most renowned comic book artists in the world, the journey for Finch has been anything but easy.

Finch spoke with Business Insider when he attended the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) last weekend as a guest, and he spoke about his life as a comic book artist, a job which he describes as “work intensive”.

He spoke about his ruthless work schedule when working on a single comic book issue, which takes about a month to complete, saying:

I wake up in the morning at 8am, we get the kids to school and then I get to work around 9am. I usually try to work through the morning, I work until about 4pm or 5pm non-stop. I have dinner, spend some time with my kids, and around 8pm I get back to work and I work until midnight or 1am. 

“That’s every day, 6 days a week. When I’m working on a monthly book, I work on Sundays as well!”

With the amount of work Finch does in a year, it means that he barely has any rest and is under continuous stress when working.

His advice for aspiring artists?

He told Business Insider: “I would say the number one piece of advice is to not quit when it gets hard. The minute you get an opportunity (in the industry), it can break people, and don’t let it influence you. It’s worth pushing through it when it gets hard.

“I’ve cracked under the pressure several times. When I did Avengers with Brian Bendis, it was a huge deal, and I was not off the Internet at the time. I quit that book earlier than I would have, just because the pressure got to me.”

For his own peace of mind, Finch no longer goes onto the Internet to see what readers think of his work.

Despite the rocky road, Finch – whose favourite character to draw is Batman – is still incredibly dedicated to the work he loves.

His passion has even affected his view of comic book movies that have reached peak levels of popularity in the past decade or so, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe being the focal point of the genre’s success.

He said: “I’m a huge fan. There’s not a single comic book movie that I didn’t like, I think it’s been great for us.

“It has brought a respectability to what (comic book artists) do, something I never thought I would see.”