Deliveroo will permanently remove all shark fin dishes from its platform

Singapore Press Holdings

Deliveroo is delivering a message – and it’s got to do with saving the world we live in.

The food delivery company announced on Thursday (Nov 29) that it would be removing all 150 shark fin dishes from 34 different restaurants that were listed on its platform in Singapore.

And it looks like it’s serious about this. Deliveroo added that it “commits to having no such dishes on the platform in future”.

Apart from its menu, the company will also not serve these dishes even if they are specially requested for.

Deliveroo’s move to protect ocean resources by phasing out shark consumption is supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

According to a 2017 joint report by wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic and WWF, Singapore was the world’s second largest trader for shark fin by value.

However, a 2016 WWF-Singapore survey found that eight out of 10 of people in the country have stopped ordering shark fin, citing shark protection and environmental concerns as key reasons.

But Deliveroo still hopes to continue raising awareness amongst consumers.

“This is an important step. Deliveroo wants all the restaurants we work with to promote sustainable food production, and that must include protecting endangered species.

“We are pleased to have joined WWF’s commitment in taking action against serving shark products. We will work with WWF to see what more we can do in this area,” Sid Shanker, general manager of Deliveroo Singapore, said.

In February this year, 89 Singapore establishments in the food and hospitality industry announced their decision to remove shark-related food items off their menus, following WWF’s call to action last year, reported The New Paper.