Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are not in Singapore yet but a burger named after them has already been created

Royal Plaza on Scotts will be serving the Trump-Kim burger and Summer Iced Tea every evening at the hotel’s lounge from June 8 to 15.
Royal Plaza on Scotts

The planned US-North Korea summit is still about a week away but one hotel in Singapore is already getting into the mood of things.

The chefs of Royal Plaza on Scotts have come together to create a Trump-Kim Burger and Summit Iced Tea which they will start serving from this Friday (June 8).

Both items boast a mix of American and Korean influences to mark the upcoming historic meeting which could see South Korea also joining in.

The grilled burger comprises minced chicken and kimchi patty, seaweed, with Korean rice rolls and fries. Summit Iced Tea is specially-concocted by infusing Korean flavour honey yuzu into traditional American iced tea.

The prices of both items also commemorates the June 12 meeting with the Trump-Kim Burger going for S$12++ ($9) and the Summit Iced Tea at S$6++ ($4.50). It will be served from June 8 to 15, 6pm to 10pm, at Scotts Lounge (Level 2, Royal Plaza on Scotts).

With nobody knowing who will pay for North Korea’s upcoming visit to Singapore, we reckon Donald Trump could be picking up the bill for Kim Jong Un should both of them drop by for a bite.

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