eBay UK challenged YouTube star Colin Furze to an epic Star Wars build – and 6 kids were blown away

You probably wouldn’t immediately associate Star Wars with online auction site eBay unless you’re looking for something to buy to complete your geeky collection.

But in the lead up to the much-anticipated release of the movie’s latest installment Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Dec 14, eBay UK got in on the hype with a challenge posed to British YouTube personality and inventor Colin Furze.

The brief was simple: He had to build something massive using only items he could find online on the auction site.

Furze not only chose to build a life-sized TIE Silencer – with help from author and builder James Burton from XRobots –  but also a BB-9E droid that actually worked.

The build process as well as everything that followed after was filmed and released as a 3 min 45 sec video on eBay UK’s Facebook and YouTube page on Thursday (Nov 30).

It’s received more than 387,000 views on Facebook and over 25,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

In the clip, Furze claimed the TIE Silencer to be the biggest thing he’s ever built and planned to park it in a public place.

But not without some help from “test pilots” of course, which he found in the form of six kids from the Peterborough Jedi Fan Club.

“They’ll definitely like it,” he quips in a video posted on eBay UK’s Facebook and YouTube page on Thursday (Nov 30).

They sure did and it was pretty epic.

You have to watch it for yourself: