Employees at TripAdvisor, Oppo and Deliveroo are now involved in ‘food swapping’ – and have saved 25kg of food in 30 days

Employees taking part in the food swap collect or drop food items into their respective crates categorised by food types.

To combat food waste, some companies in Singapore – including brands such as TripAdvisor, Oppo, Deliveroo, Sojern and Agoda – are swapping food items in the office.

This is part of a ‘Social Food Swap’ campaign launched by Electrolux last month which encourages the community to swap food items and ingredients with families, friends and colleagues instead of binning them.

Sojern, which specialises in traveller path-to-purchase data, has conducted the Social Food Swap campaign.

Since its launch, the initiative has resulted in over 100 food swaps conducted, with over 25kg of food being saved in just 30 days, the organisers say.

Dylan Yu, Oppo Singapore’s marketing director said that through this initiative, he managed to find a use for canned food that was close to expiration.

“I was able to swap these items before they got spoilt, with a colleague who would better utilise them, and take something that I did need at that time.”

TripAdvisor held the Social Food Swap campaign at its office.

Participants of the campaign bring food items to the office and deposit the items into their respective crates. The crates are labelled ‘veggies’, ‘fruits’, ‘canned food’ and ‘others’.

For example, food products such as oil, instant noodles and crackers can be dropped into the ‘others’ crate.

After depositing their own items, participants can collect other products left behind by their colleagues.