Eric Tsang is suing a former Ford Models executive over sexual assault allegations made against him

Eric Tsang speaks at a press conference in Hong Kong on Jan 17, 2018.
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One of the biggest names in Chinese show business is fighting to clear his name, after a former top executive at Ford Models accused him of sexual assault on multiple victims.

Hong Kong bigwig Eric Tsang, 64, held a press conference at a Kowloon hotel on Wednesday (Jan 17) denouncing allegations made by former Asia-Pacific president of Ford Models Grace Han on Jan 11.

Han, 71, had published a post on Weibo accusing Tsang of being a “pimp” and sexually assaulting multiple women, including some of her models.

Accompanied by his son and two lawyers, Tsang addressed the press this week saying he felt the need to speak out against the allegations.

While he is no stranger to controversy and is known for making blunt comments, Tsang said that the recent allegations were “very serious” and “untrue”.

Tsang bows before leaving his press conference on Jan 17, 2018.
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Speaking in his native Cantonese, the actor and comedian said he would assist in all investigations into the matter, and has already started legal proceedings against Han to clear his name.

“I’m upset and saddened,” he told reporters, adding that false rumours and cyber bullying can last just a moment, but the harm it causes to its victims will last for a lifetime.

Around a week before the press conference, a 2013 video interview with former TVB actress Yammie Lam had gone viral in China. In the video, Lam appeared to name Tsang and the late actor Alan Tang in an interview where she claimed she was raped.

Yammie Lam in a 2013 video interview, which has since gone viral. Tsang has said that he believes the video was heavily edited and its contents fake.
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However, Chinese media reported that the video seemed to have been edited as the original interview was conducted by a male interviewer, but the new video being shared featured the voice of a female reporter instead.

Tsang responded to the video by releasing a statement saying that the video was fake and had been heavily edited.

Despite this, Han kept the spotlight on Tsang by claiming on Weibo that Tsang was guilty of sexually assaulting women on more than one occasion.

Grace Han accused Tsang of sexually assaulting celebrities “more than once”.
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“This scum has sexually assaulted female celebs more than once, and everyone in the entertainment industry knows,” she wrote.

She also claimed in her post that she knew of a model who had her drink spiked while at a karaoke lounge with Tsang. The model forced herself to throw up the drink, but discovered other models who were drugged and unconscious when she returned from the toilet, Han claims.

Han, 71, a China-born Canadian had previously also caused a storm when she criticised Taiwan model Lin Chiling’s legs.

An influential person in the modelling world, Han is credited for helping to discover and nurture some of Asia’s biggest names including Du Juan, who is considered China’s first international supermodel.