This FILA jacket bears an uncanny resemblance to the uniform worn by Foodpanda employees

Some users on Twitter have found that FILA and Foodpanda may have something in common.

FILA, along with other hypebeast brands like Champion and Ellesse, combines modern styles with retro influences; and these labels have all been revived by teenagers and young adults around the world in recent years.

But one particular jacket – the Fila Black Line Levi Overhead Jacket With Reflective Panel In Pink – has raised eyebrows on social media, thanks to the design resembling that of  the uniform worn by employees of meal delivery company Foodpanda.

Twitter user @mdkairimdisa was the first to notice it, amassing thousands of retweets and likes from others who found it amusing:

Famous Singaporean influencer Xavier Lur later pointed it out on his Twitter, and Foodpanda Singapore gamely replied that there are other ways of acquiring the garment without paying a single cent for it:

So there you have it – if you want to look cool, just get a job with the right company.