Thanks to the ‘Fortnite’ rage, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’ will also be taking on the Battle Royale format

“Call of Duty” and “Battlefield” both have Battle Royale formats of their own.

The rise of the Battle Royale video game in the past year has been meteoric to say the least.

Heralded by the popularity of “Fortnite” and “PUBG“, these games have become hits, with celebrities like Drake making it known that he enjoys them. It also helps they are free to play (at first).

So, it was of no great surprise to see that video game developers have been trying to come up with Battle Royale formats of their own to cash in on the popularity.

Two of the biggest game franchises have announced that Battle Royale will be part of their upcoming games; and for both “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield“, it represents a significant next step in the evolution of their multiplayer games.

“Battlefield” developer DICE is calling the Battle Royale mode in the fifth installation of the series Firestorm, while Activision has gone with Blackout for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4”.

So, what do we know about these game modes, and is there a chance that these modes could overtake “Fortnite” as the Battle Royale game to play?


Blackout will be “Call of Duty’s” Battle Royale.

Through the promotional materials made available to us, it’s a fair assumption that Blackout will be the craziest in the history of “Call of Duty” games.

With 80 players pitted against each other on the largest map in the history of the series,  players will be able to wage war from land, sea, and air with a variety of vehicles.

According to Activision, players will only have one life per game and will not be able to respawn.

Playable space will also collapse over time, forcing everyone into increasingly smaller spaces to create “more intense battles”.

Base jumping around the map will also be a feature that players can use, as they will be able to use their wing suits to jump from bridges and cliff faces.

Vehicles include cargo trucks, helicopters and tactical rafts amongst others.

“Call of Duty” initially struck gold when it introduced one of the most popular game modes of all time: Zombies (which will also somehow be incorporated into Blackout). And if it plays its cards right, Activison could be introducing Battle Royale modes in upcoming games for a very long time to come.


Firestorm is “Battlefield’s” attempt to breach the new demand for the Battle Royale format.

From what we know about “Battlefield V”, we can expect Firestorm to be set in the same era as the other game modes: World War 2.

The series is going back to its roots with the setting, and though it is set for a release in November, Firestorm probably won’t be included in the “Battlefield V” launch, but instead will be included as a content update, PCGamer reported.

“Battlefield” has prided itself on accuracy and realism – despite moments like this – and in a format like Battle Royale, it will be interesting to see how it differentiates from the more ‘wacky’ versions like “Fortnite”.

Firestorm will supports 16 teams of four, which comes to 64 players – the usual for large matches on Battlefield.

What it will have that is new is what DICE has described as “the largest Battlefield map ever”, which is a sandbox set to be filled with destructible buildings, weaponry, and vehicles.

Vehicles like the panzer tanks and more will be available for players to use to their advantage.

Similar to “Call of Duty”, a ring of fire will act as the “circle”, forcing players into a smaller and smaller play space as the match goes on.

Instead of the famous bus that serves in “Fornite” as the vehicle that drops players off into the map, there have been rumours that like PUBG, players will be jumping out of a plane instead at the start of each game.

In terms of new features to the series itself, squadmates can now revive each other even if they aren’t medics, and players will also start with less ammo.

Both of the previous features are very much in line with the new format, and time will tell if the new mode works as well for DICE as it has for others.