From chilli crab Ippudo ramen to kaya toast Pocky: Here’s what to look out for at this year’s Singapore Food Festival

The 26th edition of the Singapore Food Festival will be held from July 12 to July 28.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Singaporeans take food so seriously, there’s even an annual festival dedicated to celebrating the city’s culinary delights.

In its 26th year, the Singapore Food Festival will be held from July 12 to 28 with the theme “Savour Singapore in Every Bite”.

This year’s events, workshops and tours will pay tribute to Singapore’s unique food scene in a variety of delicious ways, including chilli crab ramen by Ippudo and No Signboard Seafood and a kaya toast-flavoured Pocky.

Business Insider was given a sneak peek into some of the festival’s offerings. Here’s what we think should not be missed:

Chilli crab ramen

Topping the list of exciting collaborations is “The Ultimate Chilli Crab Ramen” by Japanese ramen chain Ippudo and local seafood restaurant No Signboard Seafood.

The pork broth was creamy, and the chilli crab sauce added a nice touch of heat.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The actual bowl of ramen will include a crab claw, a ramen egg, and a fried mantou (a Chinese steamed bun) that is usually eaten with chilli crab.

The chilli crab ramen will be available throughout July at two Ippudo outlets – Mandarin Gallery and Marina Bay Sands – but there will be a limit of 30 bowls per outlet per day.

Price: S$33

Beef curry bowl at STREAT

STREAT is the Singapore Food Festival’s signature event, and this year’s event will be taking place on the evenings of July 12 and 13 from 5pm to 11pm.

Held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, the event will feature street food from 12 stalls.

One of the dishes you have to look out for at STREAT is the beef curry bowl from Restaurant Ibid run by Woo Wai Leong, the first winner of Masterchef Asia.

The curry was sweet while the beef was tender and flavourful.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Featuring four different cuts of beef in one bowl – short rib, brisket, tendon and tripe – the dish is topped with Cantonese-style curry sauce over warm white rice.

We hear there is a great sunset to catch too.

Price: S$15 (US$11)

Japanese fusion snacks from 7-Eleven

If you’re looking to grab a quick bite on the way to work, 7-Eleven will be launching three new ready-to-eat Japanese inspired items with a local twist: chicken satay onigiri, salted egg tamagoyaki, and takoyaki with chilli crab sauce and egg mayonnaise.

Chicken satay onigiri (top), salted egg tamagoyaki (right), and takoyaki with chilli crab sauce and egg mayonnaise.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The chicken satay onigiri is made from marinated char-grilled chicken thigh meat that comes encased in Japanese rice and peanut sauce.

According to 7-Eleven, it’s best eaten after being heated in a microwave.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The salted egg tamagoyaki is made from authentic Japanese omelette and layered with salted egg yolk sauce. 

However, I couldn’t really taste the salted egg and preferred the next item instead.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

My personal favourite of the three was the takoyaki. The chilli crab sauce was savoury, and went surprsingly well with the takoyaki.

Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The three exclusive products will be launched across 7-Eleven’s local stores from July 10 to August 6.

Prices: chicken satay onigiri (S$2 each), salted egg tamagoyaki (S$2.80 each, S$5 for two), takoyaki with chilli crab sauce and egg mayo (S$S$2.80 each, S$5 for two)

Kaya toast and Kopi-O Pocky

Fans of Japanese biscuit snack Pocky will also be happy to know that there will finally be a kaya toast-flavoured Pocky.

In collaboration with Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Pocky will be introducing two new flavours that are uniquely Singaporean: kaya toast and kopi-o (black coffee).

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Business Insider / Rachel Tay

I preferred the kopi-o flavour over kaya toast as I could smell the distinct coffee scent even before biting into the biscuit.

The kaya flavoured pocky was disappointing because it was less sweet than I expected it to be.

The kopi-o flavoured Pocky, though bitter, was fragrant and quite addictive.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

The limited edition flavours will be available for sale at STREAT and at all Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlets in Singapore while stocks last.

Price: To be confirmed

Avocado kopi

For the festival, local bubble tea brand LiHO Tea is serving up a special drink of avocado and coffee.

No pearls included.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Though the combination sounded strange to me at first, I was pleasantly surprised by its taste, which was neither too sweet nor overly-bitter.

Avocado coffee is also a well-loved and common drink in Indonesia, so Singaporean coffee lovers who have never tried it should definitely give this a go.

The Avocado kopi will be available at selected LiHo outlets from July 12 to September 30.

Price: To be confirmed

50-cent Hokkien treats

Another highlight of the Singapore Food Festival is The 50 Cents Fest, where people can enjoy local delights for prices as low as (you guessed it) 50 cents.

The event will take place on July 27 and July 28 from 11am to 11pm at Chinatown Food Street.

This year, The 50 Cents Fest will be paying tribute to the Hokkien dialect group, the largest dialect group in Singapore.

One Hokkien delight you can look forward to seeing at the event is “cha gay ah”, a noodle dish that is made by kneading tapioca flour into dough, and then fried with dark soy sauce and vegetables.

The noodles had a chewy texture, and was quite spicy as well.
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

In the mood for dessert? There will also be ang ku kueh, (a red glutinous rice cake with a sweet filling) and bi pang (a crispy rice puff) at the event.

Bi pang (left) and ang ku kueh (right).
Business Insider / Rachel Tay

Apart from food, the event will also showcase Hokkien heritage through traditional music and activities. According to organisers, the event will also feature a traditional Hokkien wedding set-up and photo booth.

Price: S$0.50 and up

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