Good news for seniors: FairPrice is extending Pioneer Generation discounts for another year and starting Merdeka scheme in July

Merdeka and Pioneer Generation members will receive a three per cent discount at over 140 FairPrice outlets every Wednesday starting July 1, for a year.
The Straits Times

Despite previously stating June 30 as the end date of its Pioneer Generation benefits, NTUC FairPrice has decided to extend the discount for yet another year, starting from July 1.

In a statement released on Monday (June 17), FairPrice added that it would also be rolling out its dedicated Merdeka discount scheme on the same day.

Under the year-long scheme announced in March, seniors from the Merdeka Generation will be able to enjoy discounts for their groceries at FairPrice stores island-wide.

Pioneer Generation seniors are those who were born on or before December 31, 1949, and obtained citizenship before December 31, 1986, whereas Merdeka Generation members are those born between 1950 and 1959.

Under the schemes, both Merdeka and Pioneer Generation members can receive a three per cent discount at over 140 FairPrice outlets every Wednesday starting July 1. Pioneer Generation members will have an additional day of discount every Monday, FairPrice said.

Upon the launch of the Merdeka Generation discount scheme, the supermarket chain will offer a total of three different initiatives, which include:

  1. Pioneer Generation Discount Scheme – three per cent discounts on Mondays;
  2. Seniors Discount Scheme (for people above 60) – two per cent discounts on Tuesdays; and
  3. Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation Discount Scheme – three per cent discounts on Wednesdays

This means a Pioneer Generation card holder will be eligible for discounts at the supermarket chain three days a week, while Merdeka citizens will get two days of discounts a week.

FairPrice said that in order to be eligible for the Merdeka or Pioneer Generation discount, shoppers have to present their government-issued Merdeka Generation or Pioneer Generation cards at cashier counters at all FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Shop stores, FairPrice Finest outlets and FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets.

When using self-checkout counters, shoppers will need to select the Merdeka Generation or Pioneer Generation discount option.

The discount is capped at S$200 (US$145) per transaction each day, it added.

NTUC FairPrice’s CEO, Seah Kian Peng, said: “Beyond helping seniors to save more on daily essentials, these efforts also aim to encourage the community as a whole to honour and show their appreciation for our seniors.”

Starting from July 1, seniors also will be able to pay for their FairPrice purchases using EZ-link contactless stored value cards – including PAssion Silver Cards and PAssion Silver Concession Cards.

The supermarket chain said that all senior citizens aged 60 and above will receive PAssion Card benefits while Merdeka Generation members will receive an additional S$100 top-up on their PAssion Silver Cards from the government.

According to FairPrice, Pioneer Generation shoppers saved over S$4.45 million via the Pioneer Generation Scheme in 2018. It also said that seniors saved a total of S$2.45 million last year under the Senior Discount Scheme.

The year-long extension of the Pioneer generation Discount Scheme, the Merdeka Discount Scheme and the Seniors Discount Scheme will cost FairPrice more than S$9.8 million over the coming 12 months, it added.

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