Google’s newest project ‘Move Mirror’ matches your movements to hundreds of pictures of people doing the same thing in real time

Google’s ‘Move Mirror’ tracks your movements and shows you images of others in the same pose in real time.

Google released on Friday (July 20) their newest project: an AI experiment called “Move Mirror” that matches all of your movements to identical images of others making those exact same moves from the internet.

It has set up a website for you to try it for yourself, but you will need to allow it permission to access your computer’s webcam.

Using a computer vision model called PoseNet, your body and what positions your joints are in can be identified.

Your pose is then compared to more than 80,000 images in the database, and the pictures that best mirror your position are selected in mere seconds.

“Move Mirror” then shows you those images next to your own in real time and as you move around, the images also change to fit your new pose.

Rest assured, Google has stated that your images are not being recorded in its database but rather all of the pose tracking is done directly in your browser.

You can even make a GIF of your poses and your “Move Mirror” matches!

“With “Move Mirror”, we’re showing how computer vision techniques like pose estimation can be available to anyone with a computer and a webcam”, Google said.